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4 Benefits of Becoming a Baby Sleep Consultant


So, you’re ready to become a pediatric sleep consultant?

Are you passionate about baby and toddler sleep while also looking for a more flexible schedule? If so, becoming a pediatric sleep consultant might be the perfect job for you. Not only are sleep coaches in high demand, but it is also a rewarding position that brings a positive impact to families everywhere.

Want to know more? Then keep reading. 

In this article:

  1. What is a pediatric sleep consultant?
  2. Why are sleep consultants important?
  3. Benefits of becoming a sleep consultant.
  4. How to become a pediatric sleep consultant.

    What is a pediatric sleep consultant?

    A baby sleep consultant also called a baby sleep coach or baby sleep trainer, is someone who specializes in infant sleep. Meaning, they have been trained on all things sleep when it comes to infants, babies and toddlers. 

    It is a sleep consultant’s job to educate parents on safe sleep, sleep hygiene, why sleep is so important and to assess and tweak the schedule a baby is currently on.

    For example, babies at different ages have what we call “wake windows”. These are optimal lengths of time when baby should be awake. When a child is awake way past their wake window it often leads to an overtired, fussy baby who just won’t sleep. 

    A sleep consultant’s role is to understand the intricacies of a baby’s sleep, be able to make knowledgeable suggestions to parents and help them implement a schedule and provide a conducive sleep space for their baby.

    Why are sleep consultants important?

    You might be thinking, “There is so much information out there to read and consume so why would parents need a baby sleep coach?”

    Having the knowledge is different than implementing the knowledge and sometimes parents try a little bit of everything and nothing seems to work.

    According to the findings of a survey, parents of children under a year lose about 3 hours of sleep a night. And what happens when parents are overtired? They lose patience and become more stressed, making it even more difficult to deal with a baby.

    It is a sleep consultant’s job to prevent this. To teach parents about the importance of sleep not just for their baby but their own mental health. To meet the parents where they are, understand their specific needs in relation to their baby and their baby’s sleep and help them get their baby on a sleep schedule that works for both baby and parents.

    A baby sleep coach is more than just someone who figures out how to get baby to sleep. They are cheerleaders, educators and supporters, providing parents with the necessary tools to get their baby to sleep and encouraging them along the journey.

    Benefits of becoming a pediatric sleep consultant.

    Choosing to become a pediatric sleep consultant is something that is becoming more common in today’s day and age. Certified sleep consultants are in high demand, with parents being busier with work and willing to pay to have expert help at home. And there are a lot of benefits that come with being a sleep consultant. 

    1. Helping families improve their lives

    Lack of sleep, while it sounds like a small problem, can quickly become a greater problem. A study done by Penn State pointed out that sleep-deprived parents are more likely to deal with depression and postpartum depression. These high levels of exhaustion can also cause more accidents while driving, anxiety, stress and forgetfulness.

    Being able to help families overcome their sleep deprivation is an incredibly rewarding experience. If you’ve ever struggled with loss of sleep then you know the toll it can take on your physical and mental well-being and how it can greatly affect your outlook on life. Giving a family back their sleep and helping them improve their lives is such an uplifting experience.

    1. Flexibility and freedom.

    When you work as a sleep consultant, you have the ability to work from anywhere. Sleep consultants have the opportunity to work virtually through video chat and 1-on-1 calls. Some sleep consultants choose to work in person while still others create e-books and online courses to teach parents how to get their children to sleep. 

    The benefit of being a baby sleep coach is that you get to decide what works best for you and what fits your schedule. And as your life changes, your schedule can evolve and grow with it. No more missing family get-togethers, bedtime with your children, or vacations with friends. You can participate in all those things and still have a very lucrative business.

    1. Personal and professional growth.

    As a sleep consultant, there is always room to grow and become more educated. If you love learning then this is a great benefit. New research and topics often surface relating to being a baby sleep coach. Learning the new trends are an important part of the job to ensure that you are always giving parents the most accurate information.

    1. Financial rewards.

    Let’s be honest. You don’t choose a job just for the money but it is definitely a huge factor. When every dollar is allotted for bills or the money runs out before the month does, that’s a scary place to be in. Thankfully, pediatric sleep consulting is in high demand and it has the potential to be a lucrative career.

    Part-time sleep consultants typically make between $1,000 and $4,000 a month while full-time sleep coaches make between $5,000 and $10,000+ a month. And as the rave reviews come in and you gain more and more expertise, you can add more clients. You have the ability to grow your business as quickly or as slowly as you want.

    If down the road you decide to add potty training consultant certification to your resume, that will add to your stream of revenue as well. You would have the ability to have multiple streams of income, all while choosing how and where you work. The sky is the limit when it comes to being a sleep consultant.

    How to become a pediatric sleep consultant?

    You’ve read through what a sleep consultant does and you think you’re a great fit. You know the benefits of becoming a sleep consultant and you think they’re great. But now what? How do you take the next step and become a sleep consultant?

    Here at the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting, we walk you through how to become a sleep consultant, step by step. From training, to taking the test, to mentorship and support, we’ve got you covered.

    Want to learn more about what’s included and how we can help you turn your love of sleep and helping others into a lucrative career?

    Download our brochure and get a glimpse into our course, learn about our peer support group and get a detailed outline of everything we cover in the training. We will prepare you and support you every step of the way.

    Live the life you’ve always wanted. Become a certified pediatric sleep consultant today.


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    How to Become a Sleep Consultant.

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    Sleep Consultant Certification Curriculum Outline


    The Science of Sleep

    Learn the biology of sleep, including the stages of sleep, sleep cycles, and how child development affects sleep.


    Sleep Training Techniques

    Develop expertise in multiple sleep training methods so you can match your skills to each client’s specific needs.


    Bumps in the Road

    Understand how to help your clients manage teething, separation anxiety, night weaning, illness, and more.


    The Business of Sleep Coaching

    Get the nuts and bolts of setting up and running a profitable business, including insurance and liability.


    Infant and Toddler Sleep Basics

    Know how to help with bedtime struggles, frequent night wakings, early wake-ups, and so much more.


    Creating Customized Sleep Plans

    Learn exactly how to create successful sleep plans and develop a sleep plan template you can easily and quickly customize.


    When to Refer Out

    Sometimes, sleep training may not be an appropriate solution, Know how and when to refer your client to another professional.