Domain and Hosting Services


If you are going the route of building your own website or will have a designer build it for you, you are going to need a domain and hosting.

When it comes to domain, hosting, and SSL services, GoDaddy is our favorite service provider. It’s hard to beat the pricing, and the customer service is like no other. They make setup a cinch, and representatives are available 24/7 should something go haywire.


Here’s why IPSP and its graduates choose GoDaddy over competitors:


      • Affordable pricing. It’s really hard to beat GoDaddy’s pricing. You can get hosting for as low as $2.99/mo and a domain for $4.99 for the entire year! Competitors also offer low pricing, but from our research, you get much more storage, databases, and perks from GoDaddy hosting.
      • Dedicated customer service. Anytime you need anything, whether it’s setup, a technical issue, or if your website crashed, they are available literally 24/7/365. That peace of mind is why we choose GoDaddy over competitors.
      • All-stop shop. GoDaddy offers all of your website needs in one place: domains, hosting, security, bookkeeping, and Microsoft 365. All of your products can be easily managed in one place in your dashboard.

GoDaddy Discounts

Enjoy these GoDaddy discounts offered to IPSP
Domain For Only $4.99/yr

Domain For Only $4.99/yr

$2.99 Web Hosting With FREE Domain

$2.99 Web Hosting With FREE Domain

30% Off SSL Certificates

30% Off SSL Certificates

30% Off All New Products

30% Off All New Products

Common Questions

What is Domain, Hosting, and SSL?

What is the difference between a free website and building my own?

When you build your own website, you will have full control of your website. There are no limitations to customization. You will have access to all of your data, files, images and content in your own hosting plan. If the website crashes, you will have access to the backup files. 

A free website is a great low-cost and easy to use option, but you need to be aware of the cons. A free website service can close down at any time and without any notice. They can simply shut down their servers, your website can go down and you can lose all of the data. 

SEO is also really limited to non-existent on free websites. This means customers will have a hard time finding you. When you build your own website, you have control over SEO and can even hire someone to help boost it. 

A free website appeals to many new beginners, and ultimately it’s your decision to make. If you don’t mind the limitations in customization and aren’t worried about data, then a free website is for you.

If you want full control, customization and better SEO, then you’ll want to build your own website. 

Because we want our graduates to have successful businesses. We’ve partnered with a web designer to help keep the cost down of building a website for our IPSP grads. You can have a beautiful looking website, with SEO installed, without the astronomical costs. View website packages here.


How can I see if my domain name is already taken?

You can look it up here using Godaddy’s domain name search tool.

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