Maria Moreno

Miami, Florida
Certified Since 2020


  • Sleep Consultant
  • Newborn Sleep
  • Potty Training Consultant
  • Special Needs

About Me

Meet Maria Moreno, the compassionate force behind Mindful Mother. Born in Colombia and rooted in Broward County, Maria is more than a coach; she's your ally in the trenches of motherhood. Having weathered her own storms of sleepless nights and postpartum challenges, Maria transitioned from educator to expert, driven by a mission to empower moms like you. Specializing in newborn to toddler sleep, Maria offers personalized strategies to restore peace to your nights and vigor to your days. But her expertise extends far beyond sleep; as a certified Motherhood Life & Sleep Coach, she equips you with the tools to navigate every aspect of parenthood with grace and confidence. Empowerment, to Maria, means nurturing your well-being as much as your child's. Through her programs and one-on-one sessions, she guides you to prioritize self-care, set boundaries, and embrace the chaos of motherhood with resilience. Join Maria's warm community at Mindful Mother, where moms unite to share, learn, and grow. Ready to reclaim your sleep and confidence? Email me at or book a complimentary consultation at Your journey to empowered motherhood and restful nights starts here!