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Hamilton, ON
Certified Since 2021


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About Me

Hi there, my name is Chelsey Bullock and I am the founder of Sweet Dreams. I am a mother to two beautiful children and it was through the journey of becoming a parent that I discovered my passion for infant and child sleep. When my son was a baby, he was always a great sleeper. However, he used a soother to fall and stay asleep. At 4 months old, he couldn't find and replace his soother when it fell out. Suddenly my great sleeper was keeping us up at night. With the help of a sleep coach, we got him sleeping at night without the use of props and he's been sleeping soundly ever since! When my daughter was born, she let us know that she was a feisty little girl from the beginning. She was not a good sleeper at all! She relied on many sleep props and was a terrible sleeper! With the help of our sleep coach, we got her on a schedule that made sense and we were able to remove all the props to get her sleeping independently. This was life changing for my family! I am passionate about helping families get the sleep they need. Restful sleep is a skill that I will help you teach your child and I cannot wait to share with you the gift of restful sleep! Please reach out so that we can connect and get your family sleeping better! Send me an email @ or on social media