Danielle Nyquist- Sov Gott Sleep Solutions

Columbus, Ohio
Certified Since 2021


  • Sleep Consultant

About Me

Danielle provides sleep consulting services with the goal of providing clients with the education, tools, and resources needed to identify the source of their child's sleep problems. Clients can confidently lead their children to independent sleep with a customized, easy-to-follow plan and gain a better understanding of their child's sleep needs as they change throughout infancy and toddlerhood. Following an initial informational phone call, clients complete an intake form providing details about their child's sleeping habits and daily routine. Using information from the assessment, Danielle creates a plan for the caregiver. The client receives a PDF copy of the sleep plan, and a phone call is scheduled to discuss the details. Clients use an online portal to complete nightly sleep logs. The client receives ongoing email, text and phone support during the process. This 10 day program helps families with young children establish healthy sleeping habits so they can enjoy more restful and peaceful sleep. Using a personalized approach, I will create a plan that is specifically tailored to your child's needs and those of your family. While respecting your family's wishes and your parenting beliefs, this personalized approach will address your sleep concerns. Book a free phone consultation at: https://www.sovgottsleep.com/service-page/initial-phone-consult?referral=service_list_widget to learn more!