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Calgary, Alberta
Certified Since 2021


  • Sleep Consultant
  • Newborn Sleep

About Me

Our babes are precious, there is no doubt about that. But - have you started to dread nighttime because you just have no idea how the night is going to play out? Or, you know exactly how it’s going to go and it may or may not involve toddler feet digging into your side at 2 am. No judgment here friend, I get it. I’m Elyse - Mumma to Ella [& Maren the pup!] and just like you - I want an independent, happy & well-rested babe. But - getting that sleep puzzle together just right can be a helluva job. I’m here to help you put that puzzle together piece by piece and empower you with all the sleep knowledge to navigate sleep as your babe grows. I started Sleepy Babe Society to give parents a practical approach to sleep and give you and your babe the restorative night sleep that you oh-so desperately desire.