Heather Reed Sleep Consultant

Seattle, WA
Certified Since 2019


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About Me

I’m extremely passionate about your family getting the sleep you need, because sleep affects literally every aspect of our lives. Based on current rates of postpartum depression, an estimated 600,000 women will be diagnosed with it this year alone. Sleep plays a critical role in our mental and physical health, as well as the well being of our entire family. If you are struggling due to lack of sleep, please know that you are not alone! When I took my son to a check-up with his pediatrician at 4 months, she had me fill out the standard mental health survey that they give to all moms. After watching my mental health decline over the period of the newborn months due to lack of sleep, my son’s doctor insisted that we sleep train. She gave me the permission I needed - and I am so grateful because sleep training changed our lives! When you’re not sleeping: - Tiny disagreements with your spouse can spiral into full blown arguments. - Small worries can transform into anxiety and panic attacks. - Minor inconveniences will feel like the world is ending. You are a better parent and a better human being when you’re sleeping. I'm here to help you get your baby and yourself the sleep you need in a way that aligns with your parenting style. You get to do this your way! Please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation on my website at www.lilsnoozers.com/book-a-consultation