Jennifer McCurtis, Potty Training Consultant

Certified Since 2021


  • Potty Training Consultant

About Me

Jennifer McCurtis is the founder of, where parents get an easy, step-by-step roadmap to potty training success. With a bachelors degree in Family and Consumer Sciences, a certification in potty training from the Institute for Pediatric Sleep and Parenting, and years of potty training experience, Jennifer uses her knowledge to help parents who feel overwhelmed by the prospect of potty training know how to get started and how to overcome common problems along the way. From "How do I potty train my toddler?" to "My toddler is too stubborn to sit on the potty," to "My kid won't poop in the potty!", Jennifer has heard it all before and offers guidance that will get parents back on track and on the way to success. With's potty training roadmap, parents get a blueprint of easy, actionable steps to follow while also allowing for flexibility in teaching. We believe no two kids are the same and that every parent deserves a helpful guide to show them how to potty train. At the same time they should also have the flexibility to fit their child's personality and their teaching style. Visit our website below to get access to's potty training roadmap and get your toddler on the path from diapers to potty training success!