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  • Sleep Consultant

About Me

Hi there! I'm a mom to a beautiful daughter based in Singapore, but helping families all around the world. I was inspired to help other families get more rest after experiencing my own struggles with sleep. All I was advised on was, "Watch your baby for sleepy cues, and then put them to sleep!" Long story short, it wasn't working for us. As someone who came from the corporate world, the utter lack of predictability was so stressful for me to deal with. Not to mention, I was constantly seeing my little one distraught and completely unrested! It felt like I wasn't doing anything right. I felt like I couldn't help my baby, and had absolutely no time for myself. I worked hard to get my certification because I hope to help other families get as much rest as possible AND for parents have some time to be themselves again. If you are facing challenges around nighttime wakings, early wakings, nap times, or bedtimes, I'd love to listen to your story and work with you to help your family manage this journey together! Reach out to me via Instagram @sleepybear.and.co, or email me at utama.kayla@gmail.com.