Kiersten Hansen

St. Louis, Missouri
Certified Since 2021


  • Sleep Consultant

About Me

Are you a tired parent? Maybe you've got 4 month old triplets and one of the babies is more challenging than the others. Maybe you regretfully have a co-sleeping toddler, and you don't see an end in sight to their time in your bed. Does your 4 year old go to bed late and wake up early? Do you have a 3 year old who won't stay in his bed? Do the online courses not seem to work for your family? These are all real life examples of struggles facing families I've worked with in the past...and they are all thriving. I meet individually with families virtually and in person, and would love to schedule a call to answer your questions. There is hope that your children will sleep...and you will, too. With extensive training in child and parent mental health, I'm advocating for your over-all family well being. Click the link in my website to email, text, or call today.