Peaceful Night’s Sleep- Brianne Christensen

Ogden, Utah
Certified Since 2020


  • Sleep Consultant
  • Newborn Sleep

About Me

Hi, I'm Brianne! My mission is to promote healthy and safe sleep habits for little ones using science-based education and support. Ultimately, I just want to help you and your family to get more sleep! I remember being so discouraged as a new mother by the lack of guidance available to me on how to help my baby sleep. This sparked what has grown into a passion for helping other parents know how to teach their little ones to sleep. I will be here to help encourage, support, and celebrate with you in your efforts to get better rest! I believe in using the most gentle methods that will also yield great results. I have each of my clients fill out an in-depth intake assessment to help me understand your unique situation. I customize each sleep plan based on your child’s temperament and needs. I am invested in your success, and will do all that I can to help you be successful in your sleep training efforts! All that I ask is that you follow the advice and instructions I give you so that you can find results! I have a Bachelor’s degree from Utah State University in Public Health (Go Aggies!). I am a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and am also certified to work with newborns. I am a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC), which is an organization that sets standards and education requirements for Child Sleep Consultants. Just remember, you are doing a great job! I am just here to help you add another tool to your parenting tool belt to help you teach your children healthy sleep habits. Let's chat! Send me an email at and we can talk about how you can start getting more sleep.