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Grande Prairie, Alberta
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About Me

Hi there! I am a mom and step-mom to six wonderful children and I know first-hand the impact that a good night's sleep can have on the entire family. I had my first child almost 8 years ago. My biggest struggle when it came to transitioning to motherhood was adjusting to her sleep habits. She was up all night and slept all day. The pure exhaustion that I experienced was incredible! I had my second child less than 2 years later and sleep continued to be our #1 struggle. When they were toddlers, I finally couldn't take it anymore and I spent countless hours learning how to correct their sleep troubles. Today we have 6 children, one of whom is under a year old, and they are all in bed at 8pm and sound asleep all night. They are great sleepers and our home is now full of well-rested, happy children that continue to thrive every day. We are finally able to sleep all night uninterrupted, as well as have our evenings to ourselves again. This is the level of success that I am committed to achieving for each of my clients. If you're feeling exhausted, defeated, or that you've tried everything, I'm here to help ease your mind and get your baby sleeping well! I will teach you how to get your baby sleeping independently, while comforting and supporting your baby as much as possible during the process. Together we will have your baby sleeping better in no time!