Rona Himmah Ilmiyati

Certified Since 2021


  • Potty Training Consultant

About Me

Rona Himmah Ilmiyati is Founder of Toilet Training Community (Komunitas Toilet Training) and Owner of Minikinizz & Klodiz. Due to the lack of knowledge of parents in Indonesia about proper toilet training based on appropriate references, Rona Himmah initiated the Toilet Training Community. The purpose of this community is to share knowledge, experience and problem solving faced by parents in teaching their children in toilet training. In addition, the community has the opportunity to conduct direct consultations with competent experts/consultants. So, every family will get special treatment individually and will get a step-by-step plan to help reach their goals based on specific conditions and there will be no judgement. If you struggling to get your children potty trained, please join and get together in Toilet Training Community. As off, it is the first and the only toilet training community in Indonesia that can provide direct consultation services as such. To contact me, please reach me in Thanks