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San Diego, CA
Certified Since 2024


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About Me

Hi I’m Sam, creator of Soft Sleep, LLC. I knew as soon as I graduated high school, I wanted to work with children. After working with numerous families as a nanny, I knew the population I wanted to work with was 0-5 age range. I realized my niche during undergrad and continued to excel in this world through the mental health field. After graduating with my Master of Science degree in Psychology from Arizona State, something was still missing from my life. I needed purpose and drive and show my knowledge can be a helping hand. I wanted to help families who needed it most, especially with young children. Receiving my certificate with IPSP has changed my life drastically. Understanding and creating my own material through gentle techniques families can use that are effective has made me realize sleep is so important! This connects with mental health, emotional and physical well-being, and longevity of life! Contact me for a consultation to see how Soft Sleep, LLC can help change your family’s life. I am here for you.