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Collegeville, Pennsylvania
Certified Since 2022


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About Me

I'm so glad you stopped by! I'm Sue Montgomery, a baby sleep coach. I started Sweet Dreams Baby so I can help parents teach their little ones to sleep better, which gives them the rest they need to practice and reach their milestones. And, let's be honest- It gives you more time to get the rest you need to recharge as a parent. I have been supporting families of newborns since 2006, as a Postpartum Doula. In just about every home I've worked in parents have asked me: " How do I set up good sleep habits?" "What can I do to get my baby to sleep better or at all?" "Why isn't my baby sleeping well?" " How can I break the bad habits that we started?" I received my certification for newborn sleep specialist to help parents learn about their newborn’s sleep and lay the groundwork for healthy sleep habits. My passion is helping parents of newborns and young babies. Although, we can’t sleep train your baby until 4 months of age there are many things we can do to encourage a great sleep foundation for your newborn. It’s never too early to start! If your little one is 4-months old or older, I can help you with your little one’s sleep issues by, providing a custom sleep plan along with nonjudgmental guidance. I was once in a very bad place with my kiddos not sleeping well. I understand how exhausting and frustrating it is. When you work with me, we start by gathering information about your baby’s sleep and schedule. Then, we go over all the information you’ve given me about your baby. After that, I create a custom sleep plan for you to follow. I take the guesswork out by providing you with step-by-step instructions and why we’re doing something a specific way. I really want you to understand all the details. You will have my constant support along the way. I would love to have the chance to help you get your little one sleeping better! Please call me at 267-416-2103, email me at, contact me through my website or, DM me on instagram so, we can start getting your baby sleeping the best they can!