How to Become a Sleep Consultant

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Wondering how to become a sleep consultant so that you can help sleepless parents everywhere?

Sleep consulting is an amazing and rewarding career. You get to give parents the gift of sleep! I’m sure you know someone that has been struggling with their baby’s sleep, or maybe you have been through it yourself. There’s no better feeling than finally seeing a baby get the sleep their growing and developing bodies so desperately need. In fact, any new parent you talk to will often complain about how difficult the sleep deprivation is and how they are willing to do anything to just get some Zzz’s. That’s where a sleep consultant comes in to save the day (or night).


What is a Baby Sleep Consultant?

how to become a sleep consultant

As soon as baby is born parents are suddenly hit with a myriad of conflicting parenting advice, through books, magazines, or personal experiences from friends and family.

It’s hard to know which advice to take and it can all get to be a bit overwhelming, to say the least.

Parents are exhausted trying to come up with ways to get their child to sleep, to keep their child sleeping, and to basically develop a sleep pattern that works in their home.

Just as no two households are the same, each child is unique and requires a tailor-made program and schedule that suits their needs and goes in line with their family’s schedule. That’s where a Sleep Consultant can help!


Sleep Consultant Certification

Sleep Consultant Certification helps train and prepare you work with families that are struggling with getting their little ones to sleep. With all of the conflicting information on the web and so called “experts” offering confusing advice,  parents are looking for someone to help them that has been properly trained in pediatric sleep. After all, parents are trusting their most prized possession, their baby, to a complete stranger. Knowing that someone has received sleep consultant training and is certified through a reputable training program makes all the difference in the world.


How to Become a Certified Sleep Consultant


how to become a sleep consultant




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3. Successfully Complete the Course


The IPSP™ offers sleep consultant certification that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. The course contains 7 self-paced modules that you can complete at your own pace. You’ll learn about the biological basis for sleep, the progression of infant and toddler sleep, sleep troubles and why they arise, various sleep training techniques, how to coach your clients, how to create customized sleep plans, and how to set up and market your business to attract clients. Through this program you will learn how to be a successful sleep consultant, and how to market yourself and your business. 

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We are dedicated professionals offering comprehensive training and education from a name that clients trust. You will be receiving your certification from an Institute that is an approved training provider. Your certificate of completion and certification logo will denote your training so that you can proudly display this on your website, marketing material, and showcase to your clients.

Violet Giannone, Director of IPSP is a Registered Nurse, Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Regional Representative of the Association of Child Sleep Consultants, Published Author of Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days. She is also Founder and Owner of Sleep, Baby, Sleep® a world renowned pediatric sleep consulting company. Our instructors are experts in their field. From lactation, psychotherapy, child development, to marketing and business building we offer a course that you can be proud of completing.

Anyone can become a sleep consultant, where you complete your certification will often determine how successful you are, so choose wisely! The biggest mistake we see at IPSP is students taking a quick online course from an unqualified website or person, then coming to us for additional training.


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how to become a sleep consultant