Real Graduates, Real Stories: Jane Anderson

“I’m Truly My Own Boss” – Meet IPSP Graduate Jane

Institute of pediatric sleep and parenting reviews

Hello again, student, former student, or for those who are curious about getting Certified as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. I’m glad to see you here once again! (Remember to say hello in the comments below!)

The successes with the IPSP® Sleep Consultant Certification program just keep on coming ––  and I’m so very happy to share them with you.

And today I’m happy to bring to you the next profile in our Real Graduates, Real Stories series. Her name is Jane Anderson…and she is amazing!

Wait! First, Ask Yourself This Question…

What Can a Baby Sleep Consulting Career Do for You?

If you’re considering a career as a Certified Sleep Consultant, one of the first questions to ask is, “What can this career do for me?”

Yes…I know that if you’re interested in a caring, person-centric career, you are probably used to putting others first. And that’s great! The world needs you!

But you should also look ahead to see what the future may hold if you choose a career in Certified Infant Sleep Consulting.

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Today’s Profile in Success: Meet Jane

institute of pediatric sleep and parenting reviews

Jane is the owner of the successful sleep consulting business Counting Sheep in Longview, Canada.

But once upon a time, Jane was an overworked Mom in a job she didn’t love ––  and she knew she had to make a change.

In 2020, Alberta, Canada native Jane was on maternity leave with her second child. 

She was burned out on her current career, and couldn’t imagine going back to a 9-5 job, with two under two at home.

“I was a personal banker for 12 years,” Jane told me. She was respected in her field, but something was missing. “I had no passion for it and knew it wasn’t something I could to do forever.”

Jane Needed Something Flexible. Here’s What She Did

Jane now had two little ones at home…and almost no time for them, much less herself. “When I had my two kids, I knew I wanted to be home more and give (my children) a happier and more present mom.”

While she was on her second maternity leave, Jane had her lightbulb moment. She’d just finished successfully getting both of her babies to sleep through the night.

“I did my own research and had them both sleeping 10 hours by 10 weeks old,” Jane said. “I had a knack for it and when I realized that I could turn that passion into a career, there was no turning back.”

Institute of pediatric sleep and parenting reviews

“Every day, I feel like I make a difference.” ~ Jane

Institute of pediatric sleep and parenting reviews

There was just one problem: while Jane knew she’d found her calling, she had no professional training in infant and child sleep.

“I had no professional experience in the field before obtaining my certification,” Jane said, “but I was obsessed with my children’s sleep and had helped many friends.”

That’s when she found the IPSP Sleep Training Consultant program.

“I was nervous to take any sort of schooling again,” Jane confessed.

She was thrilled to discover that she could easily work the course around her own busy schedule. “It was much easier than I anticipated,” she said, adding, “Because I started when the pandemic hit, I had the time to focus and finish very quickly.”

She added, “It was the best decision I ever made.”

“The course jump-started my career.” ~ Jane

Here’s the part I know you’re wondering about: what happened after Jane completed the course and received her Sleep Consultant Training Certification?

As you’ve probably guessed, it’s all good news. (Don’t you love a happy ending? I do!)

Using the tools she learned in our IPSP Sleep Consultant Certification program, as of March 2023 Jane has coached more than 350 families. “I am now averaging between 10-20 clients at a time,” she revealed.

She’s also met some amazing people (that’s what I love about this job, too!). “I’ve helped families in Taiwan, Australia, India, all of the USA, and of course, Canada.”

And she’s expanding: “I recently hired another sleep coach, and will be adding once more coach to my team in the coming weeks.”

Jane said she loved that “The course gave me the knowledge, tools and confidence to start my business. I couldn’t have done it without the certification.”

“My happiness, income and work/life balance are night and day from before.” ~ Jane

When I asked her what drew her to our course over other sleep training programs, Jane said in addition to the gentle, proven methods, it offered flexibility that fit into her busy life.

Now she has a career that does the same.

“My overall happiness, my income, and my work/life balance are night and day from my 9 to 5 job,” Jane said. 

And best of all, she’s helping people.

“I have never been happier or felt more fulfilled. Every day I feel like I make a difference in people’s lives, and there is no better feeling.”

Be sure to check Jane out on Instagram. She’s doing some amazing things you don’t want to miss!

Ready to Be a Success Story?

I’ll be highlighting more students in the future, including:

  • Real stories, real people and the challenges they face ––  just like you do
  • Helpful advice, student-to-student
  • How graduates of the program made it work for them
  • Voices from all over the nation (and the world) and the careers in Sleep Training they chose
  • How students define success, and what a happy career and life mean to them

Want to be your very own success story? It’s easier and more affordable than you think. Even better, our group of professionals offer ongoing support plus classes you won’t find in other Sleep Consultant Training Programs.

Ready to get started? Contact me today and find out how! 

Until next time, 

~Violet Giannone, RN

IPSP® Founder and Director

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