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About Me

I am the author of "Success with Potty Training". You can get your copy on Amazon. Your child’s first experience with potty training shouldn’t be the discomfort and confusion of having an accident in their underwear. That’s why I believe in teaching your toddler the bathroom steps before you ever remove the diaper. The Success with Potty Training method focuses on teaching and modeling how to use the potty instead of the all-too-popular (and sometimes traumatic) trial-and-error methods. Success with Potty Training shows you how to: ● Model and roleplay using the toilet. ● Help your child understand what you’re doing. ● Motivate your child. ● Problem solve. ● Help your child recognize the process of using the toilet. ● Do naps and nighttime training. ● Leave your potty-training child in someone’s care while you’re at work. ● Succeed on car trips, outings, and more. My book comes with: ★ Your potty training plan outline ★ Pre-assessment readiness checklist ★ Supply list ★ Progress chart ★ Bathroom steps chart — with cute pictures! Downloadable as well! With the Success with Potty Training method, you will: ● NEVER clean pee and poop out of a little plastic potty! ● SAY GOODBYE TO buying expensive pull ups! (Did you know they’re double the price of diapers, and now you just have to pull the poop down their legs instead?!) ● STOP having to wash poopy training underwear! Still feel anxious about jumping into potty training with your child? Read my chapter on problem solving for help with getting through those times when your child starts to resist. Get your copy of my book on Amazon, visit my website, or see what I'm doing on Instagram. Let’s do this! Get your child out of diapers! Get your plan started today!