LLC Formation

Incorporating your company can be daunting and confusing. With Incfile, you get help through the entire process. The best part about Incfile vs. other companies is they don’t charge you for filing. All you will pay is the filing fee to your state, and they will prepare and file everything AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. This is why we love Incfile and continue to recommend it to our students.


Here’s why IPSP and its graduates choose Incfile over competitors:


      • No contracts or hidden fees. That’s right, NO FEES for filing. Grads love this because let’s be real… starting a business before making any income can be tough.
      • Fast, easy, and convenient. Incfile files your LLC the next day, and they make the process super easy for you. No need to stress about how to fill out the forms and whether you are doing it correctly. Having that peace of mind is another reason why we continue to recommend Incfile.
      • Reminders. In many states, LLCs must file an annual or biennial report with their Secretary of State. Failing to file can result in your business being dissolved. Incfile will send out reminders and help you file.

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Common Questions

Is filing an LLC really free?

Incfile does not charge you a fee for filing your LLC for you. No catch, no hidden fees, no contracts. You will only have to pay the fee that your state charges. You can find out what that fee is here.

What are my state's fees for filing?

Every state charges differently. You can see what your state's filing fees are here.

Do I need an LLC?

No, but most people want one. Forming an LLC will protect your personal assets from liability. View this short video.

What if I don't form an LLC or legal business structure?

If you choose not to form a legal business entity, you will default to a sole proprietorship. Your taxes may be more of a hassle without the separation of your personal and business accounts. And you won't have the liability protection that an LLC or other business type offers.

Sole Proprietorship, LLC, or Corporation?

Learn the difference between the different entities in this short video.

How do LLCs get taxed?

LLCs can file their taxes differently. Single-member LLCs can file as sole proprietors. If you have more than one member, you can file as a partnership. Any LLC can file as a C or S corporation. If you're not sure what to choose, you can speak to your accountant during tax time. 

Does Incfile offer other services?

Yes, Incfile offers a variety of services: from filing a DBA/Fictitious Business Name, Trademark, or EIN, to obtaining an Annual Report, Certificate of Good Standing, or Business License Research package, they have you covered. This means Incfile not only helps you get started but supports you in your continued business success. 

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