Kinsey Fender
Corpus Christi / Texas / United States

Hey there! My name is Kinsey and I'm from Texas, but currently living in Virginia. I have a son, born in March, and I seriously struggled with getting any sleep for what seemed like an eternity. My son was a very dependent sleeper, always wanting to be rocked, fed, bounced, you name it. I could hardly ever put him down whether he was awake or asleep, and it's honestly a miracle that I even made it through that time. The lack of sleep took a major toll on my mental health as well as my marriage. I managed to sleep train my son on my own since I couldn't afford to hire somebody to help me. Since then, I feel like myself again and my relationship with my husband has improved immensely. So I quickly made the choice to become a Sleep Consultant in order to help parents get the rest they need at a price they can afford.

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