Emily Lau - Beautiful Beginnings LLC
Omaha / Nebraska / United States

My name is Emily and I am a Certified Infant and Pediatric Sleep Consultant! I hold my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and was a full-time professional nanny for over seven years before becoming a sleep consultant. I have loved children and have had a passion for sleep for as long as I can remember! In fact, my husband often teases me about not really having a hobby and I often remind him that sleeping IS my hobby! But all jokes aside, I took an interest in infant and pediatric sleep during my first few years as a nanny. I got an inside look at common sleep issues and how different families handled them. I learned what worked and what didn’t. I was fully prepared to have my own child and help her become a great sleeper! Or so I thought. After welcoming my daughter in October of 2018, I quickly learned that the techniques I had learned while nannying were a great start but that they weren’t enough to connect all the dots for my sweet girl. I spent countless hours researching and eventually found many solutions, but also discovered a desire to learn even more and to be able to help other families through their sleep struggles as well. I enrolled in the sleep consulting course offered by the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting and instantly knew that sleep consulting was a career I wanted to pursue! Since obtaining my certification, I have been able to help many families improve their little ones’ sleep. It is so rewarding to hear about the huge difference it has made in their lives and I’m looking forward to helping many more families experience the joys of having independent sleepers!

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