Vivian Howard
Sacramento / California / United States

Children have always been my passion! As a child, I always had baby dolls stashed around the house that I was caring for. As a teen, I loved being the fun babysitter and then in early adulthood, worked as a nanny for many years.   By the time I had my daughter I had over nine years of nanny experience and had cared for over six children from infancy to toddlerhood. One of my first families had trouble with their six month old sleeping at night and hired a sleep consultant. They invited me to sit in on their consultation. Little did I know that this consultation would change my life! I learned so much in that 45 minute conversation about what babies need to be set up for success in self settling, it blew me away! After that I needed to know more, so I started doing my own research and learn as much as I could about babies and sleep. Everything I learned I was able to practice right away with the families I worked for, which helped many little ones under my care be great sleepers! As much as helping children develop and grow has always been fulfilling, helping parents find the peace of a better nights sleep was even more rewarding! Starting Renewed Peace Sleep Consulting was a somewhat daunting, but also natural next step. I couldn't do it without the unwavering support and encouragement of my loving husband, Bryant. 

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