Andrea Alvarado
Mexico City / Mexico City / Mexico

I am Andrea Alvarado, Jero's mother and Beto's wife. I love to study, research and work. Being a mom motivated me to focus on the importance of babies' sleep habits. I realized with Jero that when I followed his schedules he slept well, everything worked better, he was happy and in a great mood. Researching and reading I understood that sleep is one of the most important issues for children development, so I decided to become a Sleep Coach at the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting. My experience with Jero has taught me that life is spontaneous, that every day is easier, that there are different stages in the development of babies and that they are constantly changing. Being a Sleep Coach has taught me that it is possible to have a good balance in life when our children have good sleep habits. It is possible to find time with our husband, family and friends, and time for us when our children have a structure and sleep well. For this reason, my goal as a sleep consultant is to help more families create healthy sleep habits. I created Entre Sueños with Cris Domenech, Sleep Consultant from the FSI.

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