Diana Peters
San Diego / California / United States

Sleep & Potty Co. was a passion project turned nation-wide company started by Certified Sleep and Potty Training Consultant, Diana Peters. Like most new parents, Diana and her husband experienced sleepless nights after bringing home their first child. Refusing to let an infant terrorize her life and sleep schedule, Diana went through the process of sleep training her daughter. Next thing Diana knew, her little one started sleeping 12-hours a night. Yes, you read that correctly. Diana breaks it down simply: “Sleepless nights are not something parents should have to push through and hope for the best. Once I realized that, our family’s quality of life significantly improved.” Friends and family noticed, too, sharing how impressed they were with her even-tempered, happy infant. Diana’s response? “Yeah she’s incredible, because she’s not a tired monster.” Diana’s amazing results got her thinking, “Why don’t more parents know about this?” And there marked the start of the Sleep & Potty Co. story.

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