Janelle Kent - Fais Dodo Sleep Solutions
Blackie/High River/Okotoks / Alberta / Canada

Janelle is passionate about helping families get the sleep they need and deserve. Her journey to becoming an infant and child sleep consultant essentially began when her eldest daughter was born and did not sleep well for 4 months. After sleep teaching her baby there was such a marked difference in her temperament that it was clear to Janelle that sleep teaching was worth the effort. When Janelle’s twin daughters were born she started with good habits right away and the girls have been excellent sleepers from day one. Prior to becoming an infant and child sleep consultant, Janelle was a teacher for 7 years. Teaching has afforded her with the understanding and experience of how lack of sleep can negatively impact the concentration, moods, organization and learning in children and young adults. Through Fais Dodo, Janelle is positively influencing the lives of many families, helping them get the sleep needed to thrive.

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