Angela Villalta - Your Baby Needs Sleep
West Hempstead / New York / United States

Hey, friends! I am Angela, a wife and mother living in New York. My identical twin sons are amazing sleepers, but this wasn't always the case! When they were around 5 months old, it all fell apart. I became engrossed in every sleep-related website, article, and book. I was determined to get those boys to sleep! I found myself a member of a Facebook group, which I later was invited to join as an administrator of, which helped me a lot. I met a friend who taught me so much, and realized I had a knack for this, as I slowly started to help friends and family, too. Between my personal relationships, Facebook, and now clients, I have helped hundreds of families achieve independent sleep. I can't wait to help you feel the rest and freedom we once missed, too. In my free time, I love having little adventures with my toddlers, husband, and two dogs. I love to read, and cook, which may seem mundane, but hey, I have the free time to do it while my kids sleep! I am looking forward to helping more families with my newfound knowledge from the IPSP and my experience from doing this for my family, too. Please connect with me!

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