Mary Lauren Lam - Your Little Lams
Richmond / Virginia / United States

Mary Lauren and her husband are parents to two lovely daughters and one sweet son. Her greatest life accomplishment to date is surviving babyhood three times! Parenting infants did not come naturally for Mary Lauren and she found herself at a loss for the experienced guidance and reliable information she needed to support her new family. She has since discovered a passion for helping struggling parents through the early weeks and months of caring for babies, offering compassionate and accessible support tailored to a family’s personal and unique needs. Prior to full time motherhood, Mary Lauren spent 15 years in healthcare. She received her BS in Dietetics from Virginia Tech in 2002, completing a Dietetic Residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital. In 2009 she became a Registered Nurse, completing her BSN at Virginia Commonwealth University. Mary Lauren is uniquely equipped to provide parents with the help they need to turn the “rough start” into calm and confident caring for their baby. Dietary challenges, sleep deficits, post partum hormonal imbalances and more, her goal is to help you gain the self-assurance you need to navigate life with your new addition to the family. She can’t take away the challenge, but she can give you the tools you need to face it!

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