Gabrielle Morin - Mommy Needs Sleep
Raleigh / North Carolina / United States

As a registered nurse with pediatric experience, from day one, I knew my baby wasn't "typical". From early on, he graced my husband and I with 6+ hours of sleep a night. "You're so lucky," people would say. But they weren't at home with us when he was awake and screaming from sun up to sun down. It was truly awful. I felt like I was failing as a mother. So, I decided to do something about it: I read every article and book I could find to help give me some insight into why my son was fighting sleep with every fiber of his being. ​ Almost immediately after I started turning my research into practice, my son turned into a different baby. He was napping regularly, smiling, laughing, playing. It was like I turned him into an entirely different human being, simply by providing him with better, more restful sleep. ​ I experienced firsthand how important and beneficial restful sleep is for a developing baby and I decided that it would be my goal to help as many families as possible do the same. I created Mommy Needs Sleep to assist other families in their baby sleep journeys- because everyone needs sleep (and sanity!).

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