Newborn Sleep Certification Course

Newborn Sleep Certification Course

The IPSP™ Newborn Sleep Certification Course will help you get additional training and education in newborn sleep; this way, you can work with babies with confidence and skill. This is a comprehensive course that focuses solely on sleep in the newborn to 3 months stage. Because most courses only provide general training in this age group, sleep consultants or other sleep educators are encouraged to take this course to supplement their education.


*Please note that this is not a Sleep Consultant Certification course, but a complement to any professional who is already working with babies, who wishes to get additional training and education in the 0-3 month age group. For more information on how to become a Certified Sleep Consultant. Please refer to our Sleep Consultant Certification Program

Why Choose the Newborn Sleep Certification Course?

The course will discuss everything you need to know about newborn sleep; from calming techniques to creating a newborn sleep plan, how to market your sleep plans to safety guidelines… and so much more.

Newborns are fragile. And this course provides you the additional training and education you need, so you can confidently work with clients with babies in this young age category.

You Get....

Greater Confidence & Skill in the Workplace

With in-depth training in the 0-3 month age group; you can approach your work with powerful knowledge that boosts your confidence and provides value to your clients.

Increased Trust From Clients

The families that you work with will likely have greater trust, knowing that you received additional training, making you more skilled to work on their precious newborn's sleep.

Training From a Professional, Registered Nurse

Your lead instructor, Violet Giannone has been in the medical field for over 15 years. She is also a pediatric sleep consultant, and published author, which means you can be sure you’ll get the most insightful, industry-leading education.

Certification That Boosts Your Credibility

You get a certificate of completion and logo from the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting to showcase your specialized training in this young age group.

Flexibility Completing the Course

This self-paced course is just 20 hours long, and can be easily scheduled into your current calendar in short stints or a one-day immersive experience.

Prestigious Training from a Successful Institution

Graduates have gone on to enjoy rewarding careers in the industry, and IPSP™ training is well respected by professionals and clients alike.

Who Should Take This Course?

Whether you’re a sleep consultant looking to further your knowledge, or a childcare professional dealing with babies between 0-3 months; this is the ideal choice for you.


This course is perfectly suited for:

Become Newborn Sleep 0 - 3 Months Certified

Once you complete the training here, you receive an official certificate of completion of the Newborn Sleep Course. You will also receive a logo from the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting, to denote your training and certification of completing additional education for babies ages 0 – 3 months.

Fit to Your Schedule and Needs

The Flexible Course

This course is approximately 30 hours long. It is self-paced so this can be completed in a few days, one week, or as your schedule allows.

What Will I Learn?

When you immerse yourself in the Newborn Sleep Certification Course, you get in-depth training in a wide variety of newborn sleep topics. This way, you can approach your practice with expertise and skill. Helping families lay a foundation of healthy sleep habits from the newborn age is extremely rewarding as it often eliminates the need for sleep training down the line. 


You will learn about:

This comprehensive experience is designed to set you up for success when you work with newborns ages 0-3 months to help set them up with a foundation of healthy sleep habits.

Graduate By Passing the Final Exam

Since this is a certification course, there is a final at its culmination to test your knowledge and understanding of the course material. Of course, once you complete the course, you will have everything you need to prepare and pass the exam.

What Are the Requirements & Materials?

Cost: $460

Confidence & Knowledge Awaits…

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Newborn Sleep Certification. This fascinating course is packed with powerful knowledge that will transform your perspectives, deepen your practice, and prepare you for the professional environment in which you work.

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