Course Description

This course intended to provide additional training and expertise in area of newborn sleep for sleep professionals. This is a comprehensive course that solely focuses on sleep in the newborn up age 3 months. Sleep Consultants or other sleep educators are encouraged to take this course as most courses only provide general training in this age group.

Considering how fragile newborns are, this course will provide additional training and education, so that you can confidently teach clients with babies in this young age group. The course will discuss everything you need to know about newborn sleep, calming techniques, how to create a newborn sleep plan, how to market your sleep plans, safety guidelines, and so much more!

If you are a sleep consultant or other sleep educator but are afraid to consult clients with such young babies this course is for you!

Don’t lose income because you are lacking the confidence and expertise in the 0-3 month age group!


Who should take this course?


Sleep consultants looking to get more training and education.

Doulas working with babies post partum.

Nannies working with newborns.

Any other professional that is working directly with the 0-3 month age group.


*Please note that this is not a Sleep Consultant Certification course but a compliment to any professional who is already working with babies who wishes to get additional training and education with the 0-3 month age group. For more information on how to become a Certified Sleep Consultant. Please refer to our Sleep Consultant Certification Program 



You will receive a certificate of completion of the Newborn Sleep Course. You will also receive a logo (pictured on left) from the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting™ to denote your training and certification of completing additional education for babies ages 0-3 months.



Approximate Duration

This course is approximately 20 hours long. It is self paced so this can be completed in one day, one week, or as your schedule allows.




You will learn:


Newborn Sleep Challenges

What to Teach Parents with Newborns

How to Create a Newborn Sleep Plan

Newborn Sample Sleep Plan

How and Where to Market Newborn Sleep Plans

Helping a Baby Transition to the Outside World

Day and Night Confusion

Healthy Sleep Habits

Newborn Sleep Schedule

Safe and Healthy Hip Swaddling

Proper/Safe Use of White Noise

Tips for Combating the “Witching Hour”

Safe Sleep Guidelines

“Don’ts” of Newborn Sleep Teaching

When to Refer Out


Final Exam

Since this is a certification course, there is a final at the end of the course to test your knowledge and understanding of the course material, but don’t worry you will have everything you need to prepare and pass the exam.



Anyone providing sleep education is eligible to take this course. This includes but is not limited to sleep consultants, nurses, doulas, midwives, nannies.

Purchase of the Happiest Baby Video is required.  You can purchase Here on the Happiest Baby Website–> or  Here on Amazon –>

Cost  $349