QC Wellness Review

QC wellness review

The Review Series

Today’s Review: QC Wellness 

Well hi there, and I’m so happy to see you here again! I love that you’re doing your homework by reading my blog and checking out what it takes to be a truly top-notch certified sleep consultant.

I welcome your input, so sound off in the comments below!


Introducing My New Reviews Series

Today I’m introducing something I’m truly proud of and glad to be able to offer to you: My Reviews series.

My goal is to help you get the best certified sleep consultant education you can. So I’m thrilled to be able to research the possibilities to help you choose the right school for you.

I’ve broken down the review by category, so you can look up each criterion and rate it yourself v. other schools you’re looking into.

How I Reviewed This School

I investigated the following categories and gave each a score:

      • Program cost
      • Courses
      • Years Active
      • Teacher/instructor credentials
      • Accessibility to school director
      • One-on-one advice from instructors
      • Ease of site navigation
      • Rating among former students

At the end you’ll see my overall rating for QC Wellness.

Here’s what I found out.

The Quick Answer

If you don’t have the time to read the reasoning behind my scores for each category, here’s the quick-and-dirty on what I discovered about the QC Wellness sleep consultant program:

TOTAL SCORE: 2/5 (Not Recommended)

Key Points:

      •  QC Wellness is not well-known in the sleep community because they are not dedicated to sleep.
      • The site seems to jump around, offering unrelated courses at very low prices to draw students in. Remember: you get what you pay for.
      • There is no director to support students.
      • Lessons are pre-loaded reading content with no indication of who is teaching the information.
      • No medical staff or directors also means that the QC Wellness sleep consultant certification course may not be around for long. They face regulatory dangers. In addition, because they jump around so much on what they offer, you don’t have a guarantee that they won’t suddenly eliminate your paid-for program of choice, or close down completely.

Read on to find out about the eight categories I investigated.

The Review

Program Cost

SCORE: 5/5

This is QC Wellness’s highest selling-point. It costs less than half of other sleep certification programs.

There’s a caveat here: it may be because of the lack of personal instruction (see below). They may also be attempting to get students in based on a “budget” price since they do not appear to be popular among the certified sleep consultant community (more on this below).

However, if cost alone is your consideration, the course is affordable. I like to be completely honest in my ratings, so this category scored well.


SCORE: 1/5

The school offers four different courses. All are currently focused on wellness.

On the other hand, only one of the courses is focused on sleep training or something related. And previously, the school offered entirely unrelated courses, including dog grooming and cosmetology. This means they may not research their own courses well, which could put you in danger later on for not knowing current regulations.

Another knock-back to this school’s score is that I could not locate any research or data to support what is being taught.


Years Active

SCORE: 2/5

Full disclosure here: This school appears to only recently have taught the courses it currently offers. Previously, the school taught dog grooming, then makeup. (Hint: This is not a good sign. They seem to jump around to whatever seems lucrative at the moment.)

ALWAYS look for a school that has been dedicated to sleep consulting and related fields since its inception. Otherwise, you may be looking for a URL that was bought as a “placeholder” for money-making in any way that appears lucrative at a given time.

Teacher/Instructor Credentials

SCORE: 1/5

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any actual teachers on the website. The instruction is all via preloaded content that the student reads.

It appears that each student is assigned a “mentor,” but there is no real information on what the mentor does for the student, or how/when the student can access the mentor.

However, it does state that the mentors are certified sleep consultants, so I’m giving a star based on that.

A great school has medical professionals as well as legal professionals to teach you what you can and can not do as a certified sleep consultant. If you choose a school that does not include these professionals, you are putting yourself at risk of a lawsuit later on.

It’s important to protect your investment. PLEASE confirm teachers’ credentials before giving your money and time to any school!

Accessibility to School Director

SCORE: 0/5

I could not form an opinion on how easy it would be to access a director, as there is no director named on the website.

Be careful ––  a great school is transparent about who runs it, and what his or her credentials are. If this information isn’t there, I can’t recommend the school.

One-on-One Advice From Instructors

SCORE: 2/5

Again, because mentors are mentioned, I have to assume that the students receive at least some one-on-one time with one instructor.

I could not confirm what the credentials of these mentors are, and I could not find information on how easy it is for students to access their mentors, so I had to give a low score here as well.

It is my experience as Director of a certified sleep consultant program and school that students do best when they can access a direct report who is knowledgeable. Each student is different, and you may have questions that need answers quickly. When you choose a school, make sure you select one that offers one-on-one, real time interaction with an experienced instructor.

Ease of Site Navigation

SCORE: 5/5

I will say the site is laid out clearly. It’s easy to navigate, and the cost is laid out clearly before you sign up. While this doesn’t necessarily reflect how well a school is run, it does make things easier when you’re researching whether or not to pick a given school.

Rating Among Former Students

SCORE: 0/5

I couldn’t find any graduates of this specific school despite quite a bit of searching. This doesn’t bode well, unfortunately. When a school is great, it’s easy to locate reviews. The same goes for a school that has been active for some time.

If I had to make an educated guess based on the research part of my experience, I’d say there aren’t many graduates of this school, if any. There isn’t even a guarantee that the “mentors” are graduates of this specific school.

I had to give a zero to this category simply because I could not find any graduates to ask an opinion.

The Bottom Line

Although of course I feel my school is great (and so do my hundreds of graduates), I also want to give as many resources to potential students as possible. And that includes offering lots of choices.

I wish I could have given higher scores on this QC wellness review, but as I explained in each category, there are some severe gaps here. These could impact students later on. The lack of verified credentials for teachers and the fact that the school has had many other “faces” previously (including dog grooming and cosmetology) also concerns me greatly.

Please always do your research and know your school ––  including who is running it, what their credentials are, and what they can offer you as far as expert instruction ––  before choosing any sleep consultant program.

I’m looking forward to more reviews in the future. Questions? Comments? Sound off below or Email Us!

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