Cuddlebug Sleep Consulting – Katie Eppley M.Ed.

Troy, Michigan
Certified Since 2023


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About Me

Hi, I'm Katie Eppley, founder & CEO of Cuddlebug Sleep Consulting, LLC. Formerly, I was an elementary school teacher and a nanny. Now, I'm a mom on a mission to help families sleep! Through my own postpartum experience with my daughter Abby and seeing the amazing benefits of sleep training from my nanny family, I became so passionate about sleep. I understand how important sleep is for not just babies and kids, but for parents too. If you're an exhausted parent and are struggling to get your little one to sleep, I would love to coach and support you throughout this whole process. It really is life changing. I've been in your shoes, so trust me, I know what it's like! Please feel free to email me at and we can setup a free discovery call to discuss your sleep troubles and next steps to getting your little one to sleep!