Sleep Consultant Salary 2024

sleep consultant salary

How Much Do Sleep Consultants Make? Sleep Consultant Salary 2024


I am so proud to have spearheaded the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting. It’s renowned in its field for a reason (which we’ll delve into later in this article). Many of my students have a variety of motivations for becoming certified sleep consultants. However, one of the key reasons is undoubtedly the desire to understand what the current sleep consultant salary 2024 is going for. After all, staying informed is crucial for any savvy businessperson.

In this article, we’ll discuss your earning potential as a sleep consultant. And these aren’t just made-up, bogus numbers… they’re based on data and actual earnings from IPSP sleep consultants. Let’s dive in!


In This Article:

  • Sleep Consultant Salary 2024: The Latest Stats
  • Why Become a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant?
  • How IPSP Has Trained Some of The World’s Most Successful Sleep Consultants
  • Sleep Consultant Salary 2024: Get Started Now


Sleep Consultant Salary 2024: The Latest Stats

Baby sleep consulting is a newer but blooming category, so it’s a GREAT time to get your education in this rewarding, enriching field. It has so much to offer.

And that includes a great income. According to the latest data from ZipRecruiter, sleep consultants in the U.S. earn an average annual income of $86,430 (or $42/hour).

Our graduating students at IPSP report charging $300-400 per session averaging 20-30 clients per month. That’s $6,000-$12,000 per month! In-home visits can cost much more. IPSP grad Gloria Young charges $4,000 for an in-home visit (and teaches you exactly how to do this in our lesson on in-home visits).

Graduate Carolynne Harvey says “I started small and now have a global team of certified consultants all trained by the IPSP. Our average client booking is $595. With only 2 clients per week you can earn on average $4500/ month without even hustling. Such a rewarding career with unlimited potential.”

sleep consultant salary 2024

Why Become a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant?

Your income as a pediatric sleep consultant can surpass your dreams. But there’s so much more to this amazing field.

Our students seek this career because:

They want to be able to work from the comfort of their own homes. This is the number one reason our students choose baby sleep consulting. Remote working is the wave of the future. It’s great to be able to work from home.

They are moms who want to be able to earn an income while staying with their little one. This was my initial motivation. I was a registered nurse with a beautiful baby girl. I loved my job, don’t get me wrong. But I didn’t want to miss any milestones with my gorgeous girl. And I know so many other moms in the same situation. Many are my students today. You don’t have to miss milestones, either!

They want a side hustle that earns a great income. You don’t have to be a parent to be in this situation. And you don’t have to leave your current job, either. Many of my graduates want a part-time gig they can do from home, and they have chosen baby sleep consulting.

They desire an enriching career working with families. If you love making a difference not just for babies and toddlers but for the whole family, sleep consulting is for you! When a little one won’t sleep, it impacts the entire family. You can make a difference for the whole household when you get a little one to sleep peacefully and restore harmony.

They are tired of commuting. I’m sure this doesn’t need an explanation! You’ll be a different person once you no longer have the grind in a car morning and evening.

They want to go take classes on their own time. One thing that keeps women from changing careers is that they simply don’t have the time to take day classes. IPSP allows you to take classes on your own time, so you can keep your day job while you learn baby sleep consulting! Plus, we offer payment plans so you don’t have to wait until you have the free cash to get started.


Expert-Led Education AND Business Support: 

How IPSP has trained some of the world’s most successful Sleep Consultants


IPSP offers the best of both worlds: top-notch evidence-based education from qualified experts AND business lessons with 1:1 mentorship to ensure your true success in the field. Other programs will only give you one or the other, or will charge you extra for business start-up support. IPSP provides both!

Lessons Taught by Real Professionals. We are proud to provide you lessons from true experts (not just another sleep consultant)– including RNs, IBCLCs, MDs, attorneys — who stay up-to-date on everything you need to know, including infant health and safety, maternal mental health, the science of infant sleep, and more.

Business Start-Up and Support. IPSP teaches lessons on starting your business, marketing to get clients, website setup and best practices and so much more. Additionally, we offer 1:1 mentorship for six months after you complete the course so you don’t feel like a fish out of water and have the support you need to truly succeed.

Classes are flexible so you can complete them on your own time, and payment plans allow you to get started on your dream career without the hassles of some schools or the risks of scam schools you may encounter. With real graduates earning money in the field, IPSP is a program that you can trust to help you achieve your career goals.


Sleep Consultant Salary 2024: Get Started Now

Now that you know what’s in store for a future career in baby sleep consulting as well as your sleep consultant salary 2024, what are you waiting for? Get started right now by applying! I can’t wait to see you in class!


Your Dream Career AND Dream Salary Await.

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How to Become a Sleep Consultant.

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Sleep Consultant Certification Curriculum Outline


The Science of Sleep

Learn the biology of sleep, including the stages of sleep, sleep cycles, and how child development affects sleep.


Sleep Training Techniques

Develop expertise in multiple sleep training methods so you can match your skills to each client’s specific needs.


Bumps in the Road

Understand how to help your clients manage teething, separation anxiety, night weaning, illness, and more.


The Business of Sleep Coaching

Get the nuts and bolts of setting up and running a profitable business, including insurance and liability.


Infant and Toddler Sleep Basics

Know how to help with bedtime struggles, frequent night wakings, early wake-ups, and so much more.


Creating Customized Sleep Plans

Learn exactly how to create successful sleep plans and develop a sleep plan template you can easily and quickly customize.


When to Refer Out

Sometimes, sleep training may not be an appropriate solution, Know how and when to refer your client to another professional.