The IPSP Difference…


Learn from an RN, Become a Highly-Paid Sleep Consultant, and Launch Your Business with Confidence.

Does this sound like you?


You want to earn an honest, realistic income from home doing something that makes a difference. You get skeptical when other work-from-home jobs promise easy 6 or 7 fig incomes working only 15 hours a week. You just want to support your family, help others, and love what you do.


You’re a nanny, doula, NCS, nurse, or other professional who wants to add sleep consulting to your services to attract more clients, make more money, and help families get better sleep.


You’re sick of begging your boss for permission to mother. You want a flexible career so you can breastfeed your newborn, cuddle your sick toddler, and finally volunteer for that class party.


You’re a stay-at-home mom who craves the freedom of working and the satisfaction of making an income. You want to be present during your kids’ precious growing-up years without waiting to honor your ambitions and build something for yourself.


You’ve experienced the transformative power of healthy sleep in your own family by working with a sleep consultant. Now, you want to rescue others from the dysfunction and dread of chronic sleepless nights.


You’ve taken another sleep consulting course and are unsatisfied because you don’t have the expert knowledge you want or the support you need to find clients. Or, you’re already consulting and struggling to help your clients achieve the wins you promised.

Most importantly…


You want an expert-level sleep consulting course that goes beyond the basics. You’re not after the quickest, easiest, cheapest way to become a certified sleep consultant. You want a course taught by medical, education, and business experts that tests your knowledge, prepares you for real-world consulting, and teaches you how to build a thriving business step by step.

If this resonates with you, the IPSP Sleep Consultant Certification Course was designed just for you.

accredited sleep consultant certification

You do want to become a sleep consultant but…

You don’t want to take a course where the instructor’s only qualifications are “sleep consultant and mom.”

Of course consulting experience and real-life empathy are valid qualifiers for any instructor. However, they shouldn’t be the only ones. Responsible, quality sleep consulting requires knowledge of medical topics like maternal mental health and infant nutrition. Plus, only medical professionals can teach you when to consult with your client’s pediatrician, how to avoid getting sued because you accidentally gave medical advice, and when to refer out if consulting isn’t an appropriate solution.

accredited sleep consultant certification

The IPSP® Sleep Consultant Certification Course is the only program taught by a Registered Nurse and endorsed by  pediatricians. 

Your instructors are RNs, lactation consultants, doulas, and educators with a variety of degrees and certifications. Our faculty are properly certified to teach lessons in their areas of expertise such as sleep science, breastfeeding, abusive head trauma, postpartum depression, and more. In addition, a pediatrician certified in pediatric sleep medicine and a doctor of social work advise on course materials. 

When clients ask where you got your certification, you’ll feel confident knowing you were trained by actual experts.

This was the only course I found offered, that has an actual instructor in the medical field.


My experience with the training course was great. I really liked the fact that you can work at your own pace. The information laid out in the course was very thorough but still written in a way that was easy to understand. Violet was quick to answer questions and very helpful.


IPSP Graduate

The IPSP course curriculum prepares you for expert sleep consulting AND business ownership

You will learn…


The Science of Sleep

including sleep cycles, the stages of sleep, and how sleep affects healthy child development.


Multiple Sleep Training Techniques

and how to adapt them to different parenting styles so you can recommend methods your clients are comfortable with.


How to Navigate Sleep-Derailing Roadblocks

like teething, pacifier elimination, separation anxiety, night weaning, illness, and more.


Your Scope of Practice

so you can know when to refer out, avoid legal trouble and feel confident when your expertise is just what your clients need to solve their problems.


Infant to School-Age Sleep Basics

so you can understand how to overcome bedtime resistance, frequent night wakings, over-tiredness, and more.


How to Create Customized Sleep Plans

with the exact sections every successful plan needs. Plus, develop your own sleep plan template and quickly and easily customize it for each client.


How to Get Clients and Run Your Business

without any guesswork. Learn the nuts and bolts of running a profitable business including marketing, insurance, liability, and more.


Related Medical Topics

with lessons on breastfeeding, SIDS, infant nutrition, postpartum mental health, safety, and more.

Take a look at exactly what’s inside the course…

105 lessons, 21 quizzes, 4 tests, 7 case studies, 1 final exam

Unit 1: The Foundation
  •  1.01 Science of Sleep

  • 1.01 Quiz: Science of Sleep

  • 1.02 Nutrition Essentials: From Formula to Solids

  • 1.02 Quiz: Nutrition

  • 1.03 Breastfeeding, Melanie Pinet, RN, IBCLC

  • 1.03 Quiz: Breastfeeding

  • 1.04 Sleep Training

  • 1.05 Abusive Head Trauma, Kelly Robson, BSBA, Safe With You Instructor

  • 1.05 Quiz: Abusive Head Trauma

  • 1.06 Safe Sleep: SUID and SIDS

  • 1.06 Cont: Rebreathing Theory

  • 1.06 Quiz: Safe Sleep

  • 1.07 Co-Sleeping

  • 1.07 Quiz: Co-Sleeping

  • 1.08 Fire Safety, UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI)

  • 1.09 Postpartum Blues, Depression, and Anxiety, Meyleen Velasques, DSW, LCSW, Perinatal Mental Health Specialist

  • 1.09 Quiz: Postpartum Blues, Depression, and Anxiety

  • 1.10 When to Refer Out

  • 1.10 Case Study: Prospective Client

  • 1.10 Quiz: When to Refer Out

  • TEST: UNIT 1

UNIT 2: Infant Sleep by Age
  • 2.1 Infant Sleep 0–2 Months
  • 2.1 Quiz: Infant Sleep  0–2 Months
  • 2.2 Infant Sleep 3–6 Months
  • 2.2 Quiz: Infant Sleep 3–6 Months
  • 2.3 Infant Sleep 7–9 Months
  • 2.4 Infant Sleep 10–12 Months
  • 2.4 Quiz: Infant Sleep 7–12 Months
Unit 3: Toddler Sleep By Age
  • 3.1 Toddler Sleep 13–18 Months
  • 3.2 Toddler Sleep 19–36 Months
  • 3.2 Quiz: Toddler Sleep 13–36 Months
  • 3.3 Transitioning from a Crib to a Bed
  • 3.3 Case Study: Stay in Bed
  • 3.4 Infant and Toddler Sleep Overview
  • Case Studies: UNITS 2 & 3
Unit 4: Preschool and School-Age Sleep
  • 4.1 Preschool Sleep 3-5 Years
  • 4.2 School-Age Sleep: Behavioral Sleep Troubles, Sleepwalking, Night Terrors, Growing Pains
  • 4.3 Conclusion on Unit 1-4
UNIT 5: Sleep Training Part 1: The Basics
  • 5.01 Violet’s Sleep Training “Rules”
  • 5.01 Quiz: Violet’s Sleep Training “Rules”
  • 5.02 Sleep “Props”
  • 5.02 Quiz: Sleep “Props”
  • 5.03 Common Client Complaints: Frequent Night Wakings
  • 5.03 Quiz: Common Client Complaints: Frequent Night Wakings
  • 5.04 Common Client Complaints: Early Wake-Ups
  • 5.04 Quiz: Common Client Complaints: Early Wake-Ups
  • 5.05 Common Client Complaints: Short Naps
  • 5.05 Quiz: Nap Transitions
  • 5.06 Reducing or Eliminating Pacifier Dependency
  • 5.06 Quiz: Reducing or Eliminating Pacifier Dependency
  • 5.07 Infant Sleep Training Techniques: “No Tears” Sleep Techniques
  • 5.07 Quiz: Infant Sleep Training Techniques: “No Tears” Sleep Techniques
  • 5.08 Infant Sleep Training Techniques: Intermediate Sleep Training Methods
  • 5.08 Quiz: Infant Sleep Training Techniques: Intermediate Sleep Training Methods
  • 5.09 Cry It Out (CIO) Sleep Training Techniques
  • 5.09 Quiz: CIO
  • 5.10 Sleep Training Techniques: Toddlers-School Age
  • 5.11 Sleep Training Techniques: Nap Training
  • 5.12 Crying and Its Effects During Sleep Training 
  • TEST: Unit 5
UNIT 6: Sleep Training Part 2: Specific Concerns
  • 6.1 Infant Sleep Training: Bumps in the Road
  • 6.1 Quiz: Infant Sleep Training Bumps in the Road
  • 6.2 How to Handle Night Feedings and Weaning
  • 6.2 Case Study: Frequent Wakings
  • 6.3 Sleep Training: Co-Sleeping/Bed Sharing
  • 6.4 Daylight Savings Time
  • 6.5 Daycare and Sleep Training, Nicole Torrence, Child and Adolescent Development, B.A., Daycare Expert
  • 6.6 Sleep Training Twins/Multiples,
  • TEST: Unit 6
UNIT 7: Creating a Sleep Plan
  • 7.1 Parenting Styles and Challenges
  • 7.2 Baby Temperament and Personality
  • 7.3 How to Create a Sleep Plan
  • 7.3 Case Study: Evaluate a Sleep Plan
  • 7.4 Tips for Creating Your Sleep Plan
  • TEST: Unit 7
UNIT 8: The Business of Sleep Consulting
  •  8.1 Starting Your Sleep Consulting Business
  • 8.2 Starting Your Sleep Consulting Business: Legal Aspects, Shelly Dunck, Esq.
  • 8.3 Website Legal Policies, Joanne Saunders, Esq.
  • 8.4 How to Get Clients: Digital Marketing for New Small Business Owners, Lisa Fernandes, M.Ed.
  • 8.4 Quiz: Digital Marketing Basics
  • 8.5 How to Conduct a Sleep Consultation
  • 8.6 Conducting In-Home Consultations, Gloria Young, NCS, BD, PPD 
  • How to Get Your First Paid Client in 30 Days (or less); Without a Website or Social Media, Rianna Hijlkema, Sleep Consulting Business and Brand Expert
Final Exam
  • Final Intro
  • Next Steps
  • Graduate Listing
  • Continuing Education
Library Files
  • Welcome to the Library
  • Research and Resources (organized by topic, audience, with links)
  • Assessment/Intake Form
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Bye Bye Binky
  • Functions of Sleep 
  • Hormones and Sleep
  • Hunger vs Comfort Chart
  •  Self Soothing with Dr. Anders
  • Violet’s Disclaimer About Crying
  • Teething PDF
  • Violet’s Sleep Plan Example
  • Sleep Training Cheat Sheet
  • Wake Time Chart

In addition to the course, you’ll also get…

A suite of exclusive resources to ensure your success.

Sleep Consultant Certification

Included in your tuition, accessible inside the course:


Instant access to course director Violet Giannone via email, call, or text 8am-8pm EST M-F while taking the course.


Private Facebook group of IPSP grads to share opportunities, connect with other consultants, and get help with sleep plans and tricky clients.


Easy-access library of research and consulting resources to quickly reference and share with clients during consultations.


6-months of the Rested App to easily manage and communicate with clients all in one place.


Business Marketplace with recommendations and exclusive discounts on products and services for your new business.


Printable badge and certification to display on your website from a school your future clients know and trust.


Graduate profile web page on our website, consistently ranking in the top 3 spots on the first page of Google. So you can get clients and help skeptics confirm the legitimacy of your certification.


Lifetime access to the course, including free trainings and continuing education.  


Eligibility for board certification. As a graduate of an accredited program you are eligible to apply become board certified as a holistic health practitioner.

We won’t leave you to figure it out on your own

Get your first paid client within 30 days with access to a proven, 3-step method.

Access to the mini-course included in your tuition, requires approx 45 mins to complete


Short, to-the-point instructional videos explaining the 3-step method. Taught by Rianna Hijlkema, entrepreneur, marketing and brand strategist, and business coach for sleep consultants.


A clear roadmap outlining exactly what to do to get your first client and many more!


Sales scripts so you know what to say and when to say it to get your first “Yes!”

*You don’t need social media or a website to be successful with this method!

Plus, the ultimate career gamechanger 

Our program director, Violet Giannone, RN, will personally mentor you through all the terrifying  empowering firsts of your new career.

Mentorship begins once you graduate and continues for 6 months

From finding your first client, hitting publish on your website, sending an official sleep plan, and getting your first invoice…

Violet will guide you through it all. She is as invested in your success as you are. Plus, she’s been where you are before and has become one of the nation’s top-paid sleep consultants while building 3 businesses from the ground up and raising a family.

She can’t wait to share her wealth of knowledge with you and watch as your confidence and business grows.

sleep consultant certification

Meet Your Mentor,

Violet Giannone, R.N.

Director, Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting®

    • Registered Nurse, State of Connecticut Department of Public Health
    • American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Professional Member
    • International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, Member
    • National Parenting Education Network, Member
    • Approved Training Provider, International Institute for Complementary Therapists
    • Pediatric Sleep Expert, Tot Squad
    • Author, “Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days” and “Superstar Potty Training”
    • Founder, Sleep, Baby, Sleep®
baby sleep consultant training

Violet’s Story

It was Christmas Day of 2005 when my boss said  “If you leave, you won’t have a job to come back to”

My heart ached to be home with my family. I was in tears, pleading with my boss to let me leave my shift early. Lose my job or lose precious memories with my family. A devastating choice. And it wouldn’t be the last one I had to make.

I wish I could say I stormed out anyway. But the reality is, I needed the job.

Instead, it took over a decade of choosing between my family and my career before I reached my breaking point.

I was determined to be more present for my kids without giving up the part of my career I truly cherished- helping families thrive.

So, I used my knowledge of sleep medicine and my research skills to pivot from nursing to sleep consulting.

best sleep consultant certification

My only regret…

Is not starting sooner. In 2024, I work from my kitchen table while my girls do their homework, under palm trees in Florida when Connecticut freezes me out, in the school pick-up line, or nestled in an armchair at my favorite coffee shop.

More importantly, I can drop everything without asking for permission when my kids get sick, have a snow day, or want me to come on a field trip.

If I had told 2005 me where I was now, I probably would have had the courage to quit my job a lot sooner. And saved years of frustration and boatloads of tears missing school plays and family holidays.

best sleep consultant certification
sleep consultant certification

As I continued consulting… I started to notice a big problem in the industry. 

You’ve probably noticed it too. The number of sleep consultant certification schools keeps increasing. But none are taught by a faculty of medical, education, and business professionals.

I decided to found IPSP in 2014 so you can learn from a credible, science-based school that clients trust.

Now, I teach and mentor sleep consultants who started out just like me. You don’t have to sacrifice one half of yourself to have the other. Let me show you how to have the work/life balance you deserve!

Here’s why students have been choosing IPSP since 2014…

Other Sleep Consultant Courses

The IPSP® Sleep Consultant Course

Curriculum consists of downloads, pdfs, podcast interviews, and videos pieced together into a “course”.  Structured program with educational framework developed with Lisa Fernandes, M.Ed  and Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development. Includes measurable objectives, quizzes, tests, case studies, and a final exam
No way to test comprehension or get feedback throughout the course. Quizzes, tests, and case studies test your knowledge throughout the course. Instructors also provide personal feedback on assignments.
Leaves you unsure how to find clients. Teaches exactly how to secure your first client within 30 days, how to consistently get new clients, and how to get your tuition investment back in 3 months.
Sleep consultant teaches lessons on medical topics without proper credentials. Expert faculty with proper credentials and education teach lessons on mental health, breastfeeding and nutrition, SIDS, scope of practice, and more.
Lead instructor is a sleep consultant who doesn’t specify where they got their certification and doesn’t have a medical background.  Lead instructor is a Registered Nurse and active member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
Course is a cleverly disguised, diluted version of the IPSP course. We have shut down 3 courses to date offering plagiarized imitations of our program.
Mandatory practicum clients you’re responsible for finding.  Case study assignments based on real clients and scenarios prepare you to work with clients without getting overwhelmed by having to find your own first.
Course is live, requiring in-person attendance with deadlines to finish coursework.  Course is 100% online and self-paced to easily fit around your schedule. There are never any deadlines. 
No business setup guidance, leaving you to figure out it out on your own. Offers comprehensive, step-by-step guidance on setting up your business, including attorney-led lessons on proper business structure. 
No 1:1 sleep consulting and business mentorship.  6 month 1:1 sleep consulting and business mentorship with program director and 3X CEO. Violet’s helped hundreds of women launch and scale successful businesses.
Public Facebook group with thousands of members used as a sales tool.  Exclusive Facebook group for IPSP consultants only so your voice is heard, your questions actually get answered, and job ops are shared amongst professionals.
Limited access to your course and materials.  Lifetime access to the course, including any new lessons.
Annual recertification fees and/or royalty fees. No recertification or royalty fees. Tuition is all you will ever pay for the course.
$2000-$5000 Quality education with a faculty of instructors, reasonably priced at $3700.  

“When searching for a program, I wanted one that blew me away.”

“I knew if I was going to spend the time and money to give this my all… I wanted the best!”

When searching for a program – I wanted one that blew me away. I knew if I was going to spend the time and money to give this my all… I wanted the best! My husband and I are both low-income teachers but knew I didn’t want to choose a program just based on the price. I wanted to learn and become the best consultant and I can be! I am so happy with my choice!!! 

This was a fantastic program! I feel prepared and ready for this journey! I feel confident to help parents and answer questions that come my way. I truly feel like I have so many options and knowledge to troubleshoot any issue that pops up. If I am stuck, I feel comforted that I have a community of support behind me always! This has been a fantastic experience!!!


Consistent Sleep with Connie

 Your Path to Becoming a Successful Sleep Consultant Starts Here



Complete your application, receive your acceptance within 48 hours, and get instant access to all course materials.



Complete all assignments and pass all assessments in the 8-module training course, including the final exam.



Start your 6-month consulting and business mentorship with Violet. Find your first client and start consulting with confidence.

You might be wondering…

“How much can I *realistically* make as an IPSP-certified sleep consultant?”

The truth is, how much you make is determined by how much you work. However, whether you can devote only a couple hours at nap time or a full work week … sleep consulting provides a profitable return on your investment and unlimited earning potential. Here’s an example of what you can expect to earn given your level of time commitment and length of time in business.

Note: IPSP grads charge $400 on average per virtual sleep consultation.

If you want a side hustle but don’t have a lot of time to spare… 


(8 hours/week on average)

$800-$1600+ per month

2-4 virtual client consultations per month (or 0-1 per week), valued at $400 each

If you want to work half days or 2-3 days per week part-time while growing your business…

(20 hours/week on average) 

$2400-$4000+ per month

6-10 virtual client consultations per month (or 1-2 per week), valued at $400 each

If you want to grow your online presence and go all-in to eventually sustain full-time work…

(40 hours/week on average) 

$4,800-$8,000+ per month

12-20 virtual client consultations per month (or 5-8 per week), valued at $400 each

*According to our most recent income survey, IPSP grads reported making 60-160k annually working full time.

That means, if you work 12 hours per week and follow the 3-step method to get your first client in 30 days, then…

You can make your tuition back in 3 months or less working 12 hours per week

Here’s the tuition investment…

We offer one-time or monthly payment plans to fit your budget.

Interested in more than one course? Bundle your courses and save!

Our average client booking is $595. With only 2 clients per week, you can earn on average $4500/month without even hustling.


I started small and now have a global team of certified sleep consultants all trained by IPSP. Such a rewarding career with unlimited opportunity.

Carolynne Harvey

Dream Baby Sleep

I earn way more money than I did before.

Not only did I replace my 9-5 corporate job to create the most amazing life balance, but I earn WAY more money than I did before.

Jane Anderson

Counting Sheep Consulting

The IPSP Promise – By the end of the course, you’ll have everything you need to feel confident in your success.

“I feel confident starting my sleep consultant business with the information that was provided in this course.”

The IPSP program came highly recommended to me from another certified sleep consultant. It is well written and easy to follow. I feel confident starting my sleep consultant business with the information that was provided in this course.


Tiny Stars Sleep

“I feel confident working with new families and I believe if I have questions or concerns, I can reach out to IPSP for guidance”

This course is worth the money! The layout is easy to follow, the quizzes & case studies keep you on your toes, the material (and links to different areas) are all current and I like having the library files for references.

I looked at different courses before deciding on IPSP, I felt the communication with Violet was clear and not pushy, all the different methods of sleep training are covered in great detail, I feel confident working with new families and I believe if I have questions or concerns, I can reach out to IPSP for guidance. Also, there are no annual fees!

Ita Walsh

“I’m confident to start with real clients.”

It’s a complete course. I’ve learned so much over the last few weeks and I’m confident to start with real clients. It also met my expectations of the kind of coach I want to be (gentle, no cry-it-out). The value for money is great with IPSP.

Hanneke Giordano

If this sounds like exactly what you need, but you’re still afraid of change…

Want to know what’s better than always wondering “What if…”  

Being scared and doing it anyway. Maybe you’re thinking “Do I have to make aesthetic Insta posts for my business?” “I don’t know how to set up a website!?” “What if my clients hate my sleep plans?”

The doubts swirling around in your head are all valid. We hear you. That’s why this course is step-by-step. You don’t have to become a business wizard and sleep guru all at once. Violet will always be a text or email away to help you.

But, big change always means some amount of uncertainty. In fact, if you are afraid of failure, that’s a good thing. It means you genuinely care enough to show up and put the work in to be successful.

You’ve got this. One step at a time.

“Deciding to leave my teaching and reading specialist position was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.”

Getting certified through IPSP was the best choice I’ve ever made. It has created a second income to support my family and do something that truly makes a difference.

Erin Elkins

Mama Bear Sleep Consulting

That desperately tired mom convinced she’s a failure? That inconsolable baby who can’t sleep more than an hour at a time? They need you. Your heart, your empathy, your expertise.

It’s your turn to earn more, build your business, and be there for your family when it matters most.

sleep consultant certification

How to Become a Sleep Consultant.

Get your Sleep Consultant Starter Kit and…


Learn how much you could make as an IPSP sleep consultant


Get a detailed outline of all lesson topics


Learn about our exclusive peer support group


Discover how Violet’s one-on-one mentorship program works


Receive tips for spotting FRAUDULENT programs


++ And Get a Video SNEAK PEEK into our course!

What’s holding you back? Let’s talk about it…

How long will it take to complete my Sleep Consultant Certification?

Our comprehensive, self-paced program includes 90-120 hours of coursework, and all materials are accessible immediately upon your first payment.

On average, most students finish the course in about two months when they put in 12-15 hours to it per week.

There are no specific time commitments or deadlines. You’re in complete control of the timeline, so you don’t have to feel pressured or rushed.

What can I expect to earn as a Sleep Consultant?

Most sleep consultants are paid $350-400 for a virtual consultation. Should you choose to offer in-person consultations, you can expect to charge $2-4K. (If you’re considering working in-person, we’ll help you think through additional liability insurance requirements.)

A motivated and driven consultant who follows the steps outlined in our program can expect to earn back their tuition investment in three months or less.

What is the coursework like?

The Sleep Consultant Certification Program is comprised of eight modules covering both the science of sleep and the business of sleep consulting.

Each module contains:
● Video or PowerPoint Presentations
● Assigned readings
● Real-life case studies
● Quizzes

The program culminates in a final exam, where you’ll use everything you’ve learned to create a sleep program for a client.

How do I become a Certified Sleep Consultant?

Once you’ve completed all assignments and assessments in the eight training modules, you’ll take and submit your final exam.

Exams are graded within four business days of receipt. You’ll be notified via email with your exam grade, and upon passing you’ll receive a printable certificate, Certified Sleep Consultant digital badge, and instructions for setting up your one-page profile on the IPSP website.

How do I receive my certificate and digital badge?

Here at the IPSP we have invested in the world’s most comprehensive digital badge and certificate platform for our students. Your certificate of completion and badge is instant, shareable, and verifiable.

Digital credentials are a much more secure alternative to paper certificates. You also don’t have to worry about lost or damaged envelopes. You get instant email delivery of your credentials upon course completion.

Verification of your certification is backed by blockchain technology and bank-level encryption. This means your certificate and badge is impossible to fake. Your clients or potential employer can easily verify your certification is legitimate and active with a single click, helping you get hired easier and faster.

Here’s how you can share and display your credentials:

  • 1-Click sharing on social media
  • Export to PDF
  • Embed in email signatures
  • Embeddable on websites
  • HQ print PDF
  • Print on marketing material

How does the IPSP Sleep Consultant program compare to other programs ?

There has been a recent uptick in so-called “Sleep Consultant Certifications” and not all were created equal. We encourage you to do your due diligence in researching the credibility of the school you will be enrolling in, especially if the cost seems too good to be true. Many programs lack what you need to be a successful sleep consultant or are outright copy-and-paste fraudulent programs. We want you to be successful even if it’s not with us, so we created a detailed guide on how to spot fraudulent programs here. You can also view this helpful chart.

best sleep consultant program

Is “certified sleep consultant” a regulated title like a doula or IBCLC?

The short answer is no. But with so many fraudulent courses popping up, the title will likely become regulated soon. That means that sub-par certifications that aren’t evidence-based could be meaningless in the coming years.

How long does this certification last?

Unlike other programs, we provide lifetime certification. You won’t pay any renewal fees, and you’ll have access to the course materials, plus any updates, forever!

How does IPSP keep its costs so low?

IPSP® is among the very lowest-cost schools of its kind. But we never skimp on quality. In fact, all of our staff is trained in education, law, or the medical profession to give you the best education you can get.

We do this by employing trained staff with experience in managing website dashboards and modules, uploading top-notch content and offering a multi-pronged personal plus online approach. We constantly update our programs so you’re getting the very latest regulatory and practical information. So you won’t see a sudden jump in price like some extremely low-cost programs that surprise you on the back end with unexpected costs.

You Receive NO Hidden Costs

Our fee has no “hidden” costs. Curious about what goes into the price tag of your education ––  and why “cheaper” isn’t always better?  Read our article about Choosing the Best Sleep Consultant Certification.

Is the IPSP Sleep Consultant Certification program "accredited"?

Yes, our program is accredited by the American Academy of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)!

Accredited sleep consultant certification

The AADP is an independent accrediting board for alternative health educational institutions and programs.

As an additional benefit, IPSP graduates are eligible to apply as board-certified holistic health practitioners by the AADP.

I’m interested in more than one class. Is there a discount?

Yes! IPSP offers Bundles ––  three different options for enrolling in our most in-demand classes at the same time, so you save money.

Choose your Bundle and save up to $500. Click here to view our available bundle options. 

Where can I find reviews from past students?

Reviews from our past students can be found here.

I want to learn more about the mini-course to get my first client within 30 days.

Inside your IPSP course dashboard, you will find a code so you can get this course for free. IPSP covers the cost because we truly care about your success. You can learn more about the mini-course here.


What is the IPSP marketplace?

The IPSP marketplace is a one-stop shop that provides you with access to exclusive discount pricing for products and services that you may want or need for your sleep consulting business.

Also included are our recommendations for some of the best free or inexpensive services that are highly rated by our successful graduates. Think of the marketplace as shopping around done for you.

From affordable website design to showing you where to create free and beautiful social media content to insurance recommendations and so much more… we’ve got you covered!

What is your refund policy?

Tuition payments are non-refundable.

Still have questions? Contact us so we can help you take the next steps to increasing your confidence and skills.

Request a free copy of our Sleep Consultant Starter Kit!

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