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Maybe it’s your wake up call that it’s time for a new career change.  Certified sleep consultants are in high demand with a growing number of busy parents willing to pay for expert help with their sleepless babies. But I bet you are wondering, how much can a sleep consultant actually make? What does a sleep consultant salary look like?

Consulting fees for just one family can generate as much as $3,000 in revenues. And it only takes a couple of months to become certified.

Did we mention how much fun training is for sleep consultants!

The Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting™  (IPSP) is the leading source for training in this newly emerging career path.  Some of its graduates are averaging 30 clients a month.  Their average starting fee for a single consultation is $300-$400.  Home visits and virtual sessions typically follow and they can generate another $1,000 to $3,000 in income.

Training focuses on customizing sleep plans for children ages newborn to 5 years old with many enrollees being busy parents themselves looking for a career with flexible work hours that gives them more time at home with their own kids and families. Even the program itself is flexible with the option of completing it at your own pace.

Training is provided by IPSP’s founder Violet Giannone, one of the world’s most recognized experts in pediatric sleep training.

A registered nurse inspired by her own personal struggles with an infant daughter with difficult sleep patterns, Giannone has authored her highly celebrated book, Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days.  She has been a contributor for a myriad of parenting magazines and websites including Best in Baby Biz Moms, Moms Magazine,, Central Penn Parents, Baby Chick, Macaroni Kid, and more.

Giannone is also the Regional Representative for the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC), a Professional Member of the National Sleep Foundation, a member of the International Association of Complementary Therapists, and a Pediatric Sleep Expert for Tot Squad – a marketplace that connects new parents to resources on infant care.

Her sleep consultant certification program at ISPS has been approved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and is backed by a high-profile advisory board and experts who provided hands-on assistance to its students.

Ultimately, what someone gets out of becoming a certified sleep consultant, says Giannone, all comes down to what they put into it.

“If you love helping others, love talking about babies and sleep, and think you would enjoy helping sleepless families, then you will make a good sleep consultant salary,” said Giannone.

Needless to say being a sleep consultant gives new meaning to sleeping on the job!


IPSP® Sleep Consultant Certification Program

 Taught by a Registered Nurse

 Approved by the IICT

 Six months of one on one mentorship

 Finish at your own pace

 Affordable tuition plans

sleep consultant salary

I graduated in December of 2020 and am now building my NEW business day by day! The best part….I am completely in charge of my own schedule and able to pick when I am available to work. My son is 9 now and I am so appreciative that I took the course through the IPSP and that I have made a career change. As now I am able to drop off/pick my son up from school and am able to re-arrange my schedule as is needed to fit my family needs!! Being a sleep consultant is so fulfilling when I hear back from the families I worked with, just how much I helped them and their children get the sleep they all deserve!! 

Kiersten DeRosier IPSP Grad

“This was the only course I found offered, that has an actual instructor in the medical field. My experience with the training course was great. I really liked the fact that you can work at your own pace. The information laid out in the course was very thorough but still written in a way that was easy to understand. Violet was quick to answer questions and very helpful.”

Sjonea Kassinger, IPSP Grad

“IPSP Consultant Course gave me the education and knowledge I need to move forward with my own business. I feel prepared to help my clients. Having Violet’s ongoing support for 6 months after the course completion is a huge reason I chose the program and makes me feel confident moving forward”


I really think the course was great and its given me the tools to start my own business. The facebook community is so great and you feel you have a support network. Whenever I emailed Violet with any questions she was so quick to respond which I really appreciated

 IPSP Grad