Incorporating a Special Needs Sleep Certification Into Your Business

Special needs sleep certification

Incorporating a Special Needs Sleep Certification Into Your Business

As sleep consultants, we care about families’ peace and quiet. But what happens when your clients include children with special needs? All families, no matter their abilities, deserve to sleep easy at night, which is why incorporating special needs expertise into your business is a great (and highly in-demand!) idea. It broadens your client base and gives you an even greater ability to provide that support and care to those who need it most. Here are the need-to-know details on how to elevate your practice by getting your special needs sleep certification


Why Special Needs Expertise Matters in Sleep Consulting

Every baby is different. We already know this. We’re used to tailoring sleep plans to specific families and unique situations.

But when it comes to children with special needs, you NEED further education to address the unique sleep challenges. These issues require more specialized information, because challenges could be presented that your standard certification might NOT cover. Conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and others can significantly impact sleep patterns. 

By becoming certified in special needs sleep consulting you can bring this essential (and greatly needed) skill to families of babies with special needs. If you get trained in these specific areas, you can widen the clients you serve and help so many more families. 


What does a Special Needs Sleep Certification look like?

Our Special Needs Sleep Certification course from the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting (IPSP) is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to support children with special needs. We have had hundreds of students go through our program who are now out in the world filling this essential role. 

Here is a sneak peek at our curriculum (be cautious of fraudulent programs!): 

  1. Understanding Developmental Disorders: Gain in-depth knowledge about various developmental disorders and how they affect a baby’s sleep.
  2. Individualized Sleep Plans: Learn to create customized sleep plans that cater to the unique needs of each child, because every single baby is different! 
  3. Behavioral Interventions: Discover evidence-based behavioral strategies to improve sleep outcomes. 
  4. Parental Guidance: Develop techniques to educate and support parents, so they can keep the sleep plan in place when you’re not available.


What Are the Benefits of Getting a Special Needs Sleep Certification?

You’re Setting Yourself Apart

Holding a certification in special needs sleep consulting sets you apart as a highly qualified and specialized professional. It signals to potential clients that you have the niche knowledge required to help their family.

You’re Broadening Your Client Base

Many families with children who have special needs struggle to find consultants who understand their unique challenges. That means this is an in-demand niche. Your certification can attract these families, expanding your reach and impact.

You’re Providing Parents with Great Tools

Tailoring your approach to meet the specific needs of children with developmental disorders can lead to more effective solutions and improved sleep outcomes. More specialized education = more happy babies (and parents!).

Professional Growth

Continuing education is crucial for staying current in any field, but ESPECIALLY this one. The Special Needs Sleep Certification will enhance your existing skills and will keep you updated with the latest research and best practices.


How do I Integrate Special Needs Expertise into My Practice?

A huge part of this industry is the marketing of our practices. Getting your Special Needs Sleep Certification can help boost your profile and business by making you stand out. Here’s how I recommend integrating that expertise into your business:

Promote Your Certification

Highlight your special needs certification in your marketing materials, website, and social media profiles. This lets potential clients know about your specialized training.

Offer Specialized Services

Create specific packages or services tailored to children with special needs. This could include initial consultations, ongoing support, and customized sleep plans. 

Educate Your Clients

Teach clients as you go about the unique sleep needs of their children. I you’re interested in the education sphere, you could even offer workshops or webinars about implementing your sleep strategies. 

Network, Network, Network

Build relationships with pediatricians, occupational therapists, and other professionals who work with children with special needs. They can refer clients to you and vice versa. We have an incredible networking community within IPSP, which you automatically get access to after completing your course. 

Gather Testimonials

As with any business, testimonials = clients. As you start working with families with special needs, collect testimonials and success stories. Just ask, people are usually happy to give you a testimonial. 

Incorporating special needs expertise into your sleep consulting practice not only empowers you and your business, but it makes a HUGE difference in the lives of families with special needs. The Special Needs Sleep Certification from IPSP can provide the tools and knowledge to address these unique challenges, boosting your business’ credibility and your ability to help more families. 


How Do I Get My Special Needs Sleep Certification? 

Ready to take your sleep consulting practice to the next level? Enroll in the Special Needs Sleep Certification course today. You can also check out the full curriculum on the page, so you know exactly what you’re paying for! 



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Sleep Consultant Certification Curriculum Outline


The Science of Sleep

Learn the biology of sleep, including the stages of sleep, sleep cycles, and how child development affects sleep.


Sleep Training Techniques

Develop expertise in multiple sleep training methods so you can match your skills to each client’s specific needs.


Bumps in the Road

Understand how to help your clients manage teething, separation anxiety, night weaning, illness, and more.


The Business of Sleep Coaching

Get the nuts and bolts of setting up and running a profitable business, including insurance and liability.


Infant and Toddler Sleep Basics

Know how to help with bedtime struggles, frequent night wakings, early wake-ups, and so much more.


Creating Customized Sleep Plans

Learn exactly how to create successful sleep plans and develop a sleep plan template you can easily and quickly customize.


When to Refer Out

Sometimes, sleep training may not be an appropriate solution, Know how and when to refer your client to another professional.