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Find Answers To Common Questions

How much does the Sleep Consultant program cost?

Our course is priced at $3,700 when paid in full. Additionally, we offer convenient payment plans starting as low as $140 per month!

How long will it take to complete my Sleep Consultant Certification?

Our comprehensive, self-paced program includes 90-120 hours of coursework, and all materials are accessible immediately upon your first payment. On average, most students finish the course in about two months.

There are no specific time commitments or deadlines. You’re in complete control of the timeline, so you don’t have to feel pressured or rushed.

What can I expect to earn as a Sleep Consultant?

Most sleep consultants are paid $350-400 for a virtual consultation. Should you choose to offer in-person consultations, you can expect to charge $2-4K. (If you’re considering working in-person, we’ll help you think through additional liability insurance requirements.)

A motivated and driven consultant who follows the steps outlined in our program can expect to earn back their tuition investment in three months or less.

What is the coursework like?

The Sleep Consultant Certification Program is comprised of eight modules covering both the science of sleep and the business of sleep consulting.

Each module contains:
● Video or PowerPoint Presentations
● Assigned readings
● Real-life case studies
● Quizzes

The program culminates in a final exam, where you’ll use everything you’ve learned to create a sleep program for a client.

How do I become a Certified Sleep Consultant?

Once you’ve completed all assignments and assessments in the eight training modules, you’ll take and submit your final exam.

Exams are graded within four business days of receipt. You’ll be notified via email with your exam grade, and upon passing you’ll receive a printable certificate, Certified Sleep Consultant digital badge, and instructions for setting up your one-page profile on the IPSP website.

How do I receive my certificate and digital badge?

Here at the IPSP we have invested in the world’s most comprehensive digital badge and certificate platform for our students. Your certificate of completion and badge is instant, shareable, and verifiable.

Digital credentials are a much more secure alternative to paper certificates. You also don’t have to worry about lost or damaged envelopes. You get instant email delivery of your credentials upon course completion.

Verification of your certification is backed by blockchain technology and bank-level encryption. This means your certificate and badge is impossible to fake. Your clients or potential employer can easily verify your certification is legitimate and active with a single click, helping you get hired easier and faster.

Here’s how you can share and display your credentials:

  • 1-Click sharing on social media
  • Export to PDF
  • Embed in email signatures
  • Embeddable on websites
  • HQ print PDF
  • Print on marketing material

How does the IPSP Sleep Consultant program compare to other programs ?

There has been a recent uptick in so-called “Sleep Consultant Certifications” and not all were created equal. We encourage you to do your due diligence in researching the credibility of the school you will be enrolling in, especially if the cost seems too good to be true. Many programs lack what you need to be a successful sleep consultant or are outright copy-and-paste fraudulent programs. We want you to be successful even if it’s not with us, so we created a detailed guide on how to spot fraudulent programs here. You can also view this helpful chart.

best sleep consultant program

Is “certified sleep consultant” a regulated title like a doula or IBCLC?

The short answer is no. But with so many fraudulent courses popping up, the title will likely become regulated soon. That means that sub-par certifications that aren’t evidence-based could be meaningless in the coming years.

How long does this certification last?

Unlike other programs, we provide lifetime certification. You won’t pay any renewal fees, and you’ll have access to the course materials, plus any updates, forever!

How does IPSP keep its costs so low?

IPSP® is among the very lowest-cost schools of its kind. But we never skimp on quality. In fact, all of our staff is trained in education, law, or the medical profession to give you the best education you can get.

We do this by employing trained staff with experience in managing website dashboards and modules, uploading top-notch content and offering a multi-pronged personal plus online approach. We constantly update our programs so you’re getting the very latest regulatory and practical information. So you won’t see a sudden jump in price like some extremely low-cost programs that surprise you on the back end with unexpected costs.

You Receive NO Hidden Costs

Our fee has no “hidden” costs. Curious about what goes into the price tag of your education ––  and why “cheaper” isn’t always better?  Read our article about Choosing the Best Sleep Consultant Certification.

Is the IPSP Sleep Consultant Certification program "accredited"?

Yes, our program is accredited by the American Academy of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)!

Accredited sleep consultant certification

The AADP is an independent accrediting board for alternative health educational institutions and programs.

As an additional benefit, IPSP graduates are eligible to apply as board-certified holistic health practitioners by the AADP. 

I’m interested in more than one class. Is there a discount?

Yes! IPSP offers Bundles ––  three different options for enrolling in our most in-demand classes at the same time, so you save money.

Choose your Bundle and save up to $500. Click here to view our available bundle options. 

Where can I find reviews from past students?

Reviews from our past students can be found here.

I want to learn more about the mini-course to get my first client within 30 days.

Inside your IPSP course dashboard, you will find a code so you can get this course for free. IPSP covers the cost because we truly care about your success. You can learn more about the mini-course here.


What is the IPSP marketplace?

The IPSP marketplace is a one-stop shop that provides you with access to exclusive discount pricing for products and services that you may want or need for your sleep consulting business.

Also included are our recommendations for some of the best free or inexpensive services that are highly rated by our successful graduates. Think of the marketplace as shopping around done for you.

From affordable website design to showing you where to create free and beautiful social media content to insurance recommendations and so much more… we’ve got you covered!

What is your refund policy?

Tuition payments are non-refundable.