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Potty Training Consultant Certification 


This Course is for you if :


You are passionate about helping parents with potty training and wish to receive proper training and education through certification from a reputable educational institute

You are a motivated learner who wishes to take a comprehensive potty training consultant course that provides you with the knowledge and expertise needed to work with families

You want to become certified through a flexible, self-paced course that you can complete whenever you’re able

You love the idea of being in control of your own work schedule

 You want to add additional services to your existing business



What’s Included


Comprehensive Training Course


The course contains 5 self-paced modules that you can complete at your own pace. You will be learning about:

History of Potty Training

You will be learning about how potty training started and evolved. It is important to have an understanding of how the most popular potty training methods originated and how they continue to be used by parents today.

Urinary Tract and Gastrointestinal Basics

Knowing about the anatomy of the urinary and GI tract is an extremely important component of potty training. Without the knowledge of how the anatomy works and develops, potty training efforts may be futile. Not knowing what to recognize in terms of development can lead to tears, the child developing fears, and very upset clients. It can also be a liability concern for a consultant.

Potty Training Readiness

You will be learning about signs of readiness that will help assess if the child is ready to begin potty training. You will be provided with a potty training checklist that you can use for your clients.

Preparing for Potty Training

We will be discussing how to help your client prepare for potty training. Preparation is a very important component of potty training. You will be provided with a list of potty training must haves that will help set your clients up for success.

Potty Training Methods

In this lesson you will learn all there is to know about how to help a family potty train their child. Methods that are effective and how to implement the potty training process. You will also learn about different potty training philosophies and how to apply that when consulting.

Bumps in the Road

Challenges that arise during potty training are often the number one reason potty training fails for most parents. In this lesson you will be learning about these different challenges and exactly how to help your client handle them to ensure the child gets potty trained as effortlessly as possible

Nap Time Potty Training

You will be learning how to help potty train a child that is still napping and important considerations to take.

Night Time Potty Training

We will discuss how to handle night time training to ensure potty training success.

Potty Training and Outings

Taking a newly potty trained child out and about can be a challenge. So challenging that many parents put off potty training. You will be learning about tips and tricks of the trade which will make potty training during outings a breeze. Your clients will thank you for this!

When to Call the Doctor

There may be times when your client will need to call their Pediatrician or health advisor during the potty training process. You will be learning about when to pause or stop a consultation and refer your client out to a medical professional.

Potty Training Consulting

In this lesson you will be learning about what a potty training consultation entails, as well as different consultation services you can offer your clients.

Creating a Potty Training Plan

You will learn what a potty training plan is, why it is so important to create one for your clients, and tips for creating the plan.



The Potty Training Plan™


Violet Giannone, Founder of IPSP™ has created a Potty Training Plan for her clients, in an E-Guide format. The Potty Plan includes:

Tips for Preparing for Potty Training

A Readiness Quiz

The Potty Training Process From A-Z

Favorite Tried and True Potty Products

A Bumps in the Road Section.

And So Much More.

You will be receiving a copy of The Potty Training Plan at no additional cost.




Discussion Forum

You will have access to a discussion forum right within the course should you ever have any questions as you are working through it. You can post any course questions, issues with potential clients, or anything else potty training related that you are struggling with.



potty training consultant certificationCertificate of Completion

A printable certificate of completion will be issued once all of the requirements are submitted and passed. This includes working through the course content and completing associated assessments. There will also be a cumulative exam at the end of the course.





Certified Logo

potty training consultant certification


You will also be given a IPSP™ certified logo for business use on your website and marketing material to denote your potty training education and certification. You can display this on your website, business cards, marketing material to show that you have formal training and education in the area of toilet training from a reputable educational institute.






Business Forms Bundlepotty training consultant certification


Intake Form

You will receive a customizable online intake form with appropriate questions to ask your clients. All you need to do is add your logo, or even use it as is. The form will also be provided in a printable format should you want to bring to groups, presentations, or classes.

Medical Disclaimer

A medical disclaimer is very important to let your clients know that you will not be dispensing any medical advice. A copy of a medical disclaimer will be provided, as well as pasted with a mandatory client check off on the intake form for added reassurance.

Copyright Notice

A pre-written copyright notice will be provided to copy and paste on your plans, and any other material to protect what you have created.

Printable Reward Charts 

You will be getting a pack of printable reward charts that you can use for your clients. They are in PDF format so they can easily be emailed to clients or printed.

Potty Training Readiness Checklist

You will receive a potty training checklist that can be printed or emailed. This will help assess the child for signs of readiness. It is written for in a simple and fun way so that parents can assess themselves and let you know if think their child is ready for potty training.


Membership in our Private Group

Upon enrollment you will be invited to the IPSP™ private members only facebook group. Here we share client stories, ask advice, share forms/documents, discuss latest research and news. And so much more!



Lifetime Access to Course Material

You will have lifetime access to the course material at no additional cost. This is also great for continuing education because lessons are constantly being added or updated.





This cost includes all material, no additional or hidden fees. This cost also includes lifetime use of the certified logo, no annual certification fees.




Payment Plan


3 Monthly Payments of $235

You will be granted full access to the course once the first payment is made. The remaining two payments will be deducted each month.





How to Enroll


potty training certification

Pay Your Tuition. You can click the enroll now button above to pay for your tuition. You have a pay in full discount option, or affordable payment plan option.


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Login. Once payment is made you will be automatically enrolled in the course with your username and password.


potty training consultant certificationYou’re ready to get started!





potty training consultant certification