Potty Training Consultant Certification

Elevate Your Expertise, Expand Your Revenue!  Become a Certifed Potty Training Consultant

Help other families while still caring for your own.

As a potty training consultant, you’ll do more than help frustrated families get relief. You’ll also experience:


The flexibility to make your own schedule and to work from anywhere in the world.


The opportunity to increase revenue in your current business and expand your expertise into a new and highly sought-after niche.


The freedom to blend a profitable career with a thriving home and family life.


The fulfillment that comes from investing in what matters most to you.

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Potty Training Consultant Certification


Curriculum Highlights


The "why" and "how" of various potty training methodologies


Urinary and gastrointestinal system fundamentals


Easy to use readiness checklist using a simple point system


Preparing a child for potty training


Common roadblocks to potty training (fear of release, withholding, stubbornness, fears of the potty, outings, public restrooms, and more)


Fostering the home-school connection


Creating specific, effective potty training plans


Tools to address nap time, night time, and "on-the-go" situations


Guidance for potty training children with special needs


Recognizing when to call the doctor or refer out


How to conduct potty training consults


Legal aspects of starting a potty training business


Marketing and selling your services effectively


Structuring your service packages to accommodate both your clients' needs and your own schedule

Save Time and Start Consulting Right Away!

Your course comes with a 3-day potty training plan ready to use for your clients, in an easy to share E-Guide format. Tailor it to your brand with customizable colors, fonts, and details, or sell it as is so you can dive right into consulting!

become a potty training consultant

Your Potty Training Plan Includes:


Tips for Preparing for Potty Training


A Readiness Quiz


The Potty Training Process from A to Z


Tried-and-True Potty Product Recommendations


A Bumps in the Road Section


And So Much More

Why choose IPSP?


Flexible Coursework

Our programs are 100% online and self-paced. Work through the curriculum anytime and from anywhere.


Qualified Faculty

Our instructors have the education and real-world experience needed to help you consult with confidence.

Supportive Community

Your tuition includes access to a community of IPSP-trained consultants. Ask questions, share resources, and discuss trends.

Lifetime Access

Enjoy lifetime access to your course material. This includes any new lessons or updates as new research regulations arise, so you can always stay up-to-date on the latest information.

Lifetime Certification

Unlike most programs, IPSP doesn’t charge annual recertification fees.

Instant Marketing

Jumpstart your business with a profile on the IPSP website and in-house referral opportunities.

Hands-On Director

Our founder and lead instructor is only an email, phone call, or text away—every day of the week.

Affordable Tuition

Payment plans make it easier for you to achieve your goals without breaking the bank. It’s premier education without the price tag.

Have peace of mind knowing you’re investing in the most robust, most up-to-date training available.

This course is a great fit for you if:


You're a sleep or parent consultant who wants to grow your business and expand your services to include potty training.


You've experienced the struggles of potty training and want to help others.


You're a parent who wants a professional, flexible, work-from-home career.


You're self-motivated, self-disciplined, and ready to take control of your schedule and finances.

Meet Violet Giannone, R.N.

Director, Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting®

    • Registered Nurse 
    • Author, “Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days” and “Superstar Potty Training”
    • Founder Readytopotty.com
    • Founder, Sleep, Baby, Sleep®
    • Member, International Association of Child Sleep Consultants
    • Professional Member, American Academy of Sleep Medicine 
    • Member, National Parenting Education Network
    • Approved Training Provider, International Institute for Complementary Therapists
    • Pediatric Sleep Expert, Tot Squad 

As a registered nurse and new mom, I often felt torn leaving the house for my shift at the hospital. I loved working with patients and making a difference, but I didn’t love the long hours that kept me from my little one. 

Becoming a sleep and parent consultant has allowed me to nurture my passions, enjoy a fulfilling career, and care for my family.

Hundreds of my students have now had that same experience—and I want the same for you!

potty training consultant certification

Founder and Lead Instructor Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting®

how to become a potty training consultant


"The IPSP provided me with the education and knowledge I needed to move forward with my own business. I feel prepared to help my clients. Also, having Violet's continued support for six months after the completion of the course was great. the reason I chose this program, and it makes me feel confident to keep going. "


"I had a great experience with IPSP. The best part is being part of a community where we can ask questions, support each other, and learn from our experiences. The self-paced learning option offered by this course did not force me to travel or spend a lot of money. I could easily work on it on my own time and the information is always there for me to refer to. "


"The program provided me with the tools to start my own business. The community on Facebook is great and you feel like you have a support network. Whenever I emailed Violet with a question, she responded very quickly, which I appreciate! "

Exceptional training. Affordable tuition.

potty training consultant certification

Your Potty Training Consultant
Certification Course includes:


Instant and lifetime access to all course content


Potty Training Plan e-book and business forms bundle


Course discussion forum where you can ask questions throughout your training


Printable certification of completion and Certified Potty Training Consultant digital badge


Lifetime membership in our exclusive online community for ongoing support and connection


One-page listing on our website to jump start your business and advertise your services

Price is USD. All payments are non-refundable.

Say “yes” to the best of both worlds.



Purchase the course and receive immediate access to all materials.



Work through the self-paced curriculum, and complete the final exam at your convenience. 



Enjoy helping other families without sacrificing time with your own.

Common Questions

How long will it take to complete my Potty Training Consultant Certification Course?

Our comprehensive, self-paced course includes 40 hours of coursework, and materials are accessible immediately upon first payment.

Depending on your schedule, you could complete the course in just a few days. Remember: You’re in complete control of the timeline, so you don’t have to feel pressured or rushed.

What's included in my tuition?

Your tuition covers all course materials plus the tools you need to successfully launch your business:
● The Potty Training Plan e-book by IPSP founder Violet Giannone
● Business forms bundle
● Private discussion and support forum

What's included in the business forms bundle?

The business forms bundle includes these ready-to-use printables:
● Intake form
● Medical Disclaimer
● Copyright notice
● Printable reward charts
● Potty training readiness checklist

What is the coursework like?

The potty training program is comprised of 6 modules which contain assigned reading, diagrams, quizzes, strategies for consulting, client product recommendations and a cumulative final at the end.

Will I need to renew this course or pay additional fees to stay current?

Unlike other programs, we provide lifetime certification. You won’t pay any renewal fees, and you’ll have access to the course materials, plus any updates, forever!

How do I become certified?

Once you’ve completed all assignments in the course, you’ll take and submit your final exam.

Exams are graded within four business days of receipt. You’ll be notified via email with your exam grade, and upon passing you’ll receive a printable certificate and Potty Training Consultant digital badge.

How do I receive my certificate and digital badge?

Here at the IPSP® we have invested in the world’s most comprehensive digital badge and certificate platform for our students. Your certificate of completion and badge is instant, shareable, and verifiable.

Digital credentials are a much more secure alternative to paper certificates. You also don’t have to worry about lost or damaged envelopes. You get instant email delivery of your credentials upon course completion.

Verification of your certification is backed by blockchain technology and bank-level encryption. This means your certificate and badge is impossible to fake. Your clients or potential employer can easily verify your certification is legitimate and active with a single click, helping you get hired easier and faster.

Here’s how you can share and display your credentials:

  • 1-Click sharing on social media
  • Export to PDF
  • Embed in email signatures
  • Embeddable on websites
  • HQ print PDF
  • Print on marketing material

What is your refund policy?

Tuition payments are non-refundable.

Still have questions? Contact us so we can help you take the next steps to increasing your confidence and skills.

Experience flexibility and freedom
as a Potty Training Consultant.