Newborn Sleep Specialist™ Certification

Specialized training focused on the 0-3 month age group.

Become known as a go-to newborn sleep expert.

The newborn stage can be particularly challenging for parents, which means coaching them through it requires an advanced skill set. 

That’s why the IPSP Newborn Sleep Specialist™ Certification offers you:

Please Note: This is not a Sleep Consultant Certification Course. It covers only months 0-3 and is supplemental education for those already certified or working with newborns. If you are not yet certified as a Sleep Consultant, start here instead.


A comprehensive approach to newborn sleep, including addressing safety guidelines, using calming techniques, managing sleep challenges, and developing sleep plans.


Tips for marketing your services, talking with parents, and avoiding common consulting pitfalls.


The ability to reach more clients and add value to your existing practice.

accredited sleep consultant certification
Specialized training to serve your clients even better.

Newborn Sleep Specialist™ Certification Curriculum Highlights


Fundamental differences between newborn sleep and older infant sleep


Newborn nutrition


Breastfeeding and lactation


Perinatal mental health


Creating newborn sleep plans


White noise and swaddling


Healthy sleep habits and schedules


Conditions that affect sleep: infant reflux, tongue & lip tie, colic and more


Sleep challenges specific to newborns


Safe sleep guidelines


Calming techniques


Handling day/night confusion and the "witching hour"


Common newborn sleep roadblocks


The do's and don'ts of sleep consulting and when to refer out


How to conduct newborn sleep consultations (virtually and in-home)


Pricing your newborn sleep services

Why choose IPSP?


Flexible Coursework

Our programs are 100% online and self-paced. Work through the curriculum anytime and from anywhere.


Qualified Faculty

Our instructors have the education and real-world experience needed to help you consult with confidence.

Supportive Community

Your tuition includes access to a community of IPSP-trained consultants. Ask questions, share resources, and discuss trends.

Affordable Tuition

Payment plans make it easier for you to achieve your goals without breaking the bank. It’s premier education without the price tag.

Plus, IPSP® holds the exclusive distinction of being the pioneering institution behind the Newborn Sleep Specialist™ Certification, making us the sole provider of this esteemed program.

Have peace of mind knowing you’re investing in the most robust, most up-to-date training available.

This course is a great fit for you if:


You're a certified sleep consultant who wants specialized training on newborn sleep.


You're a doula, nanny, midwife, NCS, or childcare provider who wants to add newborn sleep services to their business.


You're only interested in working with newborn infants age 0-3 months.


You're a medical professional who wants to better serve your patients.

Meet Violet Giannone, R.N.

Author, Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days
Founder, Sleep, Baby, Sleep®
Regional Representative, International Association of Child Sleep Consultants
Professional Member, American Association of Sleep Medicine
Member, International Association of Complementary Therapists
Pediatric Sleep Expert, Tot Squad

As a registered nurse and new mom, I often felt torn leaving the house for my shift at the hospital. I loved working with patients and making a difference, but I didn’t love the long hours that kept me from my little one. 

Becoming a sleep and parent consultant has allowed me to nurture my passions, enjoy a fulfilling career, and care for my family.

Hundreds of my students have now had that same experience—and I want the same for you!

newborn sleep specialist certification

Founder and Lead Instructor, Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting

baby sleep consultant training


"The IPSP provided me with the education and knowledge I needed to move forward with my own business. I feel prepared to help my clients. Also, having Violet's continued support for six months after the completion of the course was great. the reason I chose this program, and it makes me feel confident to keep going. "


"I had a great experience with IPSP. The best part is being part of a community where we can ask questions, support each other, and learn from our experiences. The self-paced learning option offered by this course did not force me to travel or spend a lot of money. I could easily work on it on my own time and the information is always there for me to refer to. "


"The program provided me with the tools to start my own business. The community on Facebook is great and you feel like you have a support network. Whenever I emailed Violet with a question, she responded very quickly, which I appreciate! "

Exceptional training. Affordable tuition.

Newborn Sleep Specialist

Your Newborn Sleep Specialist™ Certification includes:


Instant and lifetime access to all program materials


Printable certification of completion and digital badge


Ability to use the Certified Newborn Sleep Specialist™ title


On-demand support from our program director


Done-for-you business forms: disclaimers, client intake form, terms and conditions


COPYRIGHT-FREE detailed newborn sleep plan with tutorial on how to edit and customize for your clients


Six months of the Rested App to help manage your clients


Membership in our exclusive online community for ongoing support and connection


One-page listing to help market your services

Your tuition does not include access to Happiest Baby, a required resource. Students may purchase their own streaming copy for less than $10 through Amazon or Happiest Baby.

PLEASE NOTE: having previous education, training, or experience working with newborns aged 0-3 months is required to enroll in this course. If you don’t possess such training, we recommend checking out our Sleep Consultant Certification course, which is a more extensive program.

One-Time Payment


4 Monthly Payments


Price is USD. All payments are non-refundable.

Upgrade your confidence and your consulting.



Purchase the course and receive immediate access to all materials.



Work through the self-paced curriculum and complete your final exam at your convenience. 



Your new skill set increases your credibility and overall business value.

Common Questions

What is a Certified Newborn Sleep Specialist?

A Certified Newborn Sleep Specialist™ is an individual that receives specialized education and training on newborn sleep. Such individuals are typically also sleep consultants, doulas, NCSs, and other professionals working with newborns.

Adding Certified Newborn Sleep Specialist™ credentials from IPSP increases credibility and trust as it gives families the confidence that the individual received proper training, education and certification. 

Are there any prerequisites to the course?

Yes. You must be a certified sleep consultant, or have previous education and/or training with newborns. You will be asked to provide proof of your certification  or training within the course.

Not sure if your training is relevant? Email us

How long will it take to complete my Newborn Sleep Specialist training?

Our comprehensive, self-paced course includes 40 hours of coursework, and materials are accessible immediately upon first payment.

Depending on your schedule, you could complete the course in just a couple of weeks. Remember: You’re in complete control of the timeline, so you don’t have to feel pressured or rushed.

What is the coursework like?

The Newborn Sleep Certification includes:
● Videos
● Assigned readings
● Case studies
● Quizzes

The program culminates in a final exam.

What's included in my tuition?

Your tuition covers all course materials except streaming access to the Happiest Baby video. You will need to purchase your own digital copy (cost is less than $10) from Amazon or Happiest Baby.

Will I need to renew this course or pay additional fees to stay current?

Unlike other programs, we provide lifetime certification. You won’t pay any renewal fees, and you’ll have access to the course materials, plus any updates, forever!

How do I become certified?

Once you’ve completed all assignments and assessments in the training modules, as well as proof of the Happiest Baby video, you’ll take and submit your final exam.

You’ll be notified via email with your exam grade, and upon passing you’ll receive a printable certificate and Newborn Sleep Specialist™ Certification digital badge.

What is your refund policy?

Tuition payments are non-refundable.

Still have questions? Contact us so we can help you take the next steps to increasing your confidence and skills.

Grow your skills.
Boost your business.