Anastasia Kokeeva

Certified Since 2023


  • Sleep Consultant

About Me

Are you exhausted, chronically sleep-deprived, and ready to do anything to get your baby to sleep through the night without waking up? The good news is that there is a solution, and you are halfway there. I will be happy to help you establish your baby's sleep, restore peace and tranquility in your home so that you can not only lead a full life but also enjoy the role of a mom or dad. It's not just you who is overwhelmed. Сoping with sleep deprivation is even more challenging for your little one! The sooner you start implementing the recommendations, the faster you can teach your baby to fall asleep and sleep independently, forming healthy self- regulation patterns. Sleep time is pleasant in all respects, and I would like you to anticipate it, rather than dread another night of vigil at the crib. Although it may seem like a fantasy to you now, know that it is much more realistic and simpler than you think. My journey into child sleep consulting began much earlier: not with the birth of my child, but with my own birth. According to my parents, I didn't sleep for the first three years of my life. Or rather, I only slept in my father's arms under his lullabies. Unresolved sleep problems made themselves known years later, so I entered the field of somnology and began to study sleep. My calling awaited me from the cradle. For over 10 years, I have been helping children deal with anxiety, hypersensitivity, hyperactivity, learn self-regulation, and parents to improve the quality of life and even save families. I don't use harsh methods and believe that there are no circumstances under which you can let a baby "cry it out" or deprive them of care and love. I don't recommend anything I wouldn't do for my own child. My methods are based on the latest research and have proven their effectiveness. I approach parents' positions with understanding and respect, finding comfortable tailored solutions for them and the baby to solve sleep problems, which allow maintaining the parent-child bond and harmonizing sleep. I am only an e-mail away. Send me a message to Looking forward to helping you!