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About Me

End sleep struggles and get the rest you need to function. So you can enjoy parenthood again! We offer 1:1 sleep support for the sleep-deprived parents of toddlers, big kids, and babies. We also offer newborn education class and a sleep plan to help set a healthy foundation for sleep from day 1! We’re certified pediatric sleep consultants, mamas and Registered Nurses, so our sleep services are often covered under a Health Spending Account or Registered Nursing Services. As Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultants, we can help your family: ✔ Sleep through the night ✔ Get everyone in their own bed ✔ Tackle early morning wakeups ✔ End night wakings ✔ Eliminate props like pacifiers, rocking & nursing to sleep ✔ Wean off of night feeds ✔ Stick to a nap schedule ✔ Transition out of co-sleeping ✔ End bedtime boundary pushing ✔ Get your kids to fall and stay asleep independently …and tackle any other sleep issues your family is struggling with! Book a free 15 minute discovery call to see how we can help your family! Email