Kierstin DeRosier | Calming Roots – Early Childhood Parenting Consulting

Okanagan, British Columbia
Certified Since 2020


  • Sleep Consultant
  • Potty Training Consultant

About Me

Hello! I'm Kierstin DeRosier, your dedicated Early Childhood Parenting Consultant based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Since 2009, I've been on a mission to make early learning a joyous journey for little ones, collaborating with families in group childcare settings for children ranging from newborns to five-year-olds. I'm here because I understand the challenges parents face—balancing full-time work and raising kids can be overwhelming. In today's fast-paced world, many households find themselves exhausted, resorting to quick-fix parenting strategies that, unfortunately, often lead to more stress and power struggles. But fear not! I'm your ally in creating a more harmonious and enjoyable parenting experience. Let's work together to not only ease the challenges but also foster an environment where both you and your precious ones thrive. I've got the insights, strategies, and trustworthy support you need to make your parenting journey smoother and more fulfilling. Let's embark on this adventure together! I started Calming Roots in January 2021. My goal in starting this business is to help parents find techniques that work for them, their child and their family as a whole to help them build loving, respectful homes with happy and healthy children. I teach parents techniques that strengthen their parenting abilities and support them along the way to help them build confidence in their new skills. Any questions you have about services can be sent to: