Chloe Fries

Los Angeles, CA
Certified Since 2018


  • Sleep Consultant

About Me

After 10+ years of experience working with newborns and children as a nanny and Postpartum Doula, I realized just how important and powerful sleep is to the health of little ones and their parents. About 4.5 years ago my twin niece and nephew were born. At around the four-month mark, my sister started Googling things like “how to extend baby naps” and “teach baby to fall asleep independently”. She stumbled upon an expert who told her she could actually teach her twins to get more restorative sleep. Having no idea that the career of a sleep consultant even existed, I helped her implement a two-week program that had long lasting effects on her twins’, and her whole family’s, sleep health and well being. Seeing first hand what a difference the proper amount of sleep had on her family, I became passionate about helping others get better sleep too. When you’re sleep deprived, the last thing you have the energy to do is piecemeal together recommendations from various books, sites, and sources. So if you’ve been searching for a solution to your child’s sleep that not only provides you with step-by-step instructions, but also gives you options on how you want to approach coaching, and is proven to work, you’ve come to the right place. Book a free call to chat with me directly about how to make better sleep possible for your family right here: