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About Me

My name is Christina Lubrano. I grew up in Missouri but moved to Italy for university where I met my husband and stayed. We have three little boys. ​ My husband and I struggled with our first son and sleep. This pushed me to find a solution that literally changed our lives and our children's lives. For this reason, I decided to become a sleep consultant. ​ Sleep is such an important part of our lives; it restores us, makes us feel more relaxed, and have a clearer mind. Tiredness makes us irritable and cranky. Constant exhaustion makes everything seem so much harder and that was what we were: exhausted. ​ We knew something had to change. We desperately wanted sleep for our family and we made the decision to hire a sleep consultant. She changed our lives and we are so grateful to her. I want to pay it forward and share my troubles and immense experience with new parents or parents who are in our same situation to help prevent what we had to go through to get the rest we needed and more importantly the sleep our babies needed. ​ It was apparent that once our children had the sleep they needed, they were calmer, they ate more, they were visibly happier. In other words, it was life-changing! ​ By following all that I read and what our sleep consultant taught us, I was able to get our third child to sleep through the night by 5 months of age! Teaching independent sleep to our children is a vital part of family wellbeing and a gift they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. I want to guide parents along the journey to sleep-filled nights and tearless bedtimes.