Christine Weekes

Butte, Montana
Certified Since 2023


  • Sleep Consultant
  • Newborn Sleep

About Me

As I first began to embark on the journey of becoming a new mother, I knew that sleep was important for babies, but I didn’t quite know how much. I always figured that they slept when they needed to and were awake when they wanted to be. When my son was born 8 years ago, I was so wrong. At the time, I thought that he was a terrible sleeper. He wouldn’t sleep very well at night and always napped in his swing. Yikes! However, when we traveled to see family and couldn’t bring his beloved swing with us. He began to learn to fall asleep without it and began to sleep better at night. I realized at this time that he needed to be shown how to sleep better and without his swing, he needed to be “trained” to sleep. He took to sleep training very well and we quickly returned to a better rested home. Fast forward 5 years and my daughter was born. Oh, boy! I quickly realized my son was a very good sleeper and she was not as good. I tried everything to get her to sleep on her own and without help. I was exhausted and so sleep depraved I couldn’t even enjoy my time with her or my son and husband. That is when we reached out and hired a certified sleep consultant. As I personally traveled through the journey of helping my daughter achieve independent sleep and began to get back to the things that I loved, I knew that I had to help other families achieve the same. So I began studying pediatric sleep and became a certified sleep consultant to help families all over the country achieve their best sleep. I am here to help you get your family sleeping better so you can feel rested and get back to what you love. Don’t wait, reach out today!