Elle Hollins

Melbourne, Victoria
Certified Since 2017


  • Sleep Consultant

About Me

My name is Elle and I am a qualified Baby and Child sleep expert, Mum of to three beautiful children, Cooper, Harley and Brodie. Together with my husband Steve we live in Diamond Creek, Melbourne. I understand the struggle of many parents who think they should know exactly how to raise their kids from day one. Kids and sleep are supposed to go hand in hand, right? Well that's what I thought anyway! Yes I was very wrong. For my first child sleep didn’t happen easily, and when he stopped sleeping entirely at three months I felt like a failure. The road to get him to sleep was long and boy did I struggle. My interest in baby and child sleep began when I had Cooper, but didn't officially start until I had my second child Harley. I was so determined to find a way to solve this thing called sleep deprivation so I could then help others who are in such desperate need of support too. It was then when I became a certified baby and child sleep expert. I am so passionate abut the work I do and I gain great satisfaction from educating and guiding parent's through their own journeys. Please fill in the form via my website for a free 15min chat. or call me directly