Irene Cook | Guiding Steps

Glasgow, Scotland
Certified Since 2023


  • Sleep Consultant
  • Potty Training Consultant
  • Special Needs

About Me

I am graduate of the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting and a proud member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC). With over 20 years of experience in autism, I specialise in pediatric sleep consultancy, including special needs sleep consultancy, toilet training and Autism parent support services. My journey in this field is deeply personal. I have lived alongside Autism my entire life. Early on supporting my ASD non verbal brother and his challenges. Now I am a devoted mother to a non-verbal ASD daughter, who also had her own sleep and developmental challenges. I've had the privilege of working with local authorities and charities within child and special needs services throughout my career. My goal has always been to offer support to families facing various challenges. My unique blend of professional qualifications and personal experience fuels my passion for helping families navigate the challenges they face. At Guiding Steps, you will find not only a certified professional, but also a fellow parent who truly cares. Together, we'll tailor solutions to meet your child's unique needs. Providing guidance and nurturing to help them develop essential life skills they will carry with them throughout their lives.