Jessica Glenn

Detroit, Michigan
Certified Since 2022


  • Sleep Consultant

About Me

Hello! My name is Jessica Glenn, certified IPSP sleep consultant as well as a licensed physical therapist. I first learned about sleep consultants when I became a mother and went through the process of learning how to teach my babies good sleep habits. Before getting married and having children of my own, I always admired families whose children were able to nap well and go to sleep easily at night. I simply assumed this would be the case for my children and quickly learned this was something I had to teach and train them to do. I also realized that I was not the only one on this steep learning curve. Getting babies to sleep and rest well is something, I believe, all parents hope for and want to work towards, barring there are no other underlying medical things that would contribute to difficulties with sleep. I read a lot and reached out to other moms for help during my own training process giving me the knowledge and information I needed to successfully sleep train my babies. This was a game changer for me and my family! Our babies were happier and more easy going because they were well rested, and us as parents were, of course, not as tired and had some time in the evenings together after a long day of chasing them around. All this has helped our family to function well and our marriage to continue to thrive in a season of littles when sleep is no longer an everyday issue. This has given me a passion and desire to help other parents who are struggling with their child’s sleep. I know the exhaustion, frustration, and stress that comes with fighting lack of sleep in your child and what that can do your overall health as an individual and family. I see baby sleep as a puzzle that needs to be sorted and solved leading to improved sleep. If you or anyone you know is struggling with sleep issues, please contact me via email,, or you can visit the website for more information. I look forward to talking with you and finding how I can support you in solving your baby's sleep puzzle!