Kaley Medina

Dallas, Texas
Certified Since 2016


  • Potty Training Consultant

About Me

Kaley Medina is a Certified Potty Training Consultant, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and founder of Live Love Sleep. Although my most important job is being the proud mama of two little cuties, Evalyn and Leo. As a potty training consultant, my passion is to help parents make the transition from diapers to potty-training as smooth and stress-free as possible. I know firsthand the challenges that parents face when it comes to potty training their children, and that's why I've dedicated my career to helping parents get their child potty trained quickly. With over 8 years of experience working with families, I understand that every child is unique and that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to potty training. That's why I take the time to get to know each child and their individual needs. When you choose to work with me as your potty training consultant, you can expect a compassionate and non-judgmental approach. I understand that potty training can be a sensitive topic, and I'm here to support and guide you every step of the way. I believe that positive reinforcement is key when it comes to potty training, and I encourage parents to use praise and rewards to reinforce their child's progress. I also believe that consistency is crucial to success. That's why I work closely with parents to develop a consistent routine that they can follow at home, and I provide ongoing support and guidance to help them stay on track. One of the things that sets me apart as a potty training consultant is my commitment to making the process as quick and efficient as possible. I understand that parents have busy lives and that they want to get their child potty trained as quickly as possible. That's why I use a proven methodology that has helped countless families get their child potty trained in just a few weeks. I also understand that potty training can be a stressful time for parents, and I'm here to help alleviate that stress. I provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the potty training process, and I'm always available to answer any questions or concerns that parents may have. If you're ready to say goodbye to diapers and hello to potty training, then I invite you to schedule a free discovery call with me. During this call, we'll discuss your child's unique needs and challenges, and I'll provide you with a personalized plan for getting your child potty trained quickly and efficiently. I’ve served on the Advisory Board for Sleep Sense, have been featured on NBC, CBS, Yahoo!, Forbes, Mind Body Green, and Wonder Baby. I have my bachelors and master’s degree from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. Together, we'll work to create a positive and stress-free potty training experience for you and your child. So don't wait any longer, call me today at (832) 640-5492 or email me at kaley@livelovesleep.com to schedule your free discovery call and let's get started on the path to successful potty training!