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About Me

Hi, I’m Lara, from Lara's Little Dreamers, and here’s a little story about me. I am extremely passionate about sleep (who isn’t really), I am passionate about babies and children, and I am particularly passionate about helping people and this is how I “stumbled” into my career path of sleep coaching, consulting and support. I have two little boys of my own, whom I love dearly, and whom I did sleep coaching with, so I understand the sleep deprivation, the absolute frustration, however deeply you love your child, the mixed emotions, as well as the big emotional conundrum of deciding to and going forward with sleep training and support. I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, through the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting, as well as a qualified Montessori Pre-School Teacher (2 – 5 years). I use a multifaceted approach to healthy sleep training that will have your little one sleeping better and instilling lifelong healthy sleep habits. I create a personalised sleep plan for your baby aligned to your families needs, goals and values and I am there to support you through it all. I do believe I can help and support you. I believe our goal together would be to achieve more consistent, better, restful sleep for the whole family and this is where my passion of helping comes in. I do not want to help just your baby sleep better, I also want you to sleep better so that you can be the best parent that you can be, because the better you sleep, the better you can parent and the more you can give your little one, and this is what makes me smile. Please reach out to me via my Lara's Little Dreamers social platforms or email: I can't wait to help your dreams last little longer!